Feel like a taste of Australia’s biggest city? Moving to Sydney is the dream for many Kiwis, who want a world of job opportunities, amazing weather and internationally famous beaches all at their doorstep. If you’re intent on calling Sydney home, you probably don’t need much convincing… but, nevertheless, here are our top 5 reasons to hang your hat in Sydney!

1) Lifestyle

If you love a fast-paced city with lots to see and do, then Sydney is right up your alley. The city has a population of over 5 million, meaning there’s always something exciting happening, every day of the year. Sydneysiders enjoy a lifestyle which is busy and jam-packed full of activities.

2) Beaches

There aren’t many beaches in the world that are more famous than the ones in Sydney: Bondi Beach has had a globally-watched TV show made about it, for crying out loud! The beaches in Sydney are well-known for simply being the bomb. Clovelly, Coogee, Manly and Tamarama are just a few of the other fantastic beaches which are right in the heart of suburban Sydney life.

3) Weather

And what do you need to enjoy some of the world’s best beaches? Some of the world’s best weather! Sydney’s weather is perfect if you love warm, slightly humid summers and ultra mild winters. The average winter temperature high in July (the coldest month) is 17 degrees Celsius. Not too bad, huh? Summers are spent down at the beach, or exploring some of the other amazing beachside towns and villages which spread up and down the coast. The South Coast is a favourite holiday spot among locals, as are the northern NSW towns of Port Macquarie and Byron Bay.

4) Job opportunities

Unless you’ve won the lottery, you’ll need a job in Sydney in order to live there. Rest assured: Sydney has a strong job market. Unemployment is low in Sydney, with the rates sticking around the 3.75% area. There are always jobs to be found in Sydney – whether you’re an IT expert, a construction heavyweight or an upcoming artist.

5) Great public transport

You might hear of Sydney’s size, and think, “Well, public transport must be a nightmare!” Truth is, it has one of the best public transport systems in the country. Trains, buses and ferries are all part of the highly efficient transport system. Can you see yourself ferrying across the water to get to work every day? How frickin’ cool is that!

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Tasmania offers a great range of things to do for every kind of person – both indoors and out; from culture and music to adventure sports and exploration.

Tasmania may be a small island, but it packs in a great number of things that you can do. Tassie, as it is popularly known, has vast national parks, a vibrant food scene, several adventure sports options to begin with. It offers some great shopping too. If you’re considering a move to Tasmania, here is a handy list of things to do in Tasmania to get you started.

Touristy things

It’s very common to overlook the tourist destinations in the city that you stay, so the first thing you must do, is make notes for yourself on the places to visit. Here are some options. Take some time to explore Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Here you will find glacier lined crags, lakes that shimmer, as well as extensive beech forests. A great walk to take is the Lake Dove Walk trail which gives you some great views of the mountain.

The city of Hobart alone has so much to offer someone looking to explore. The MONA – Museum of Old and New Art which documents the region’s art beautifully is a great place to start. For an immersive experience of Tasmania’s food, a walk around the waterfront precinct is a great way to start. The Port Arthur Historic Site is the old convict settlement of the region and is around an hour away from Hobart. It makes for a great day trip. Spend some time at the World heritage-listed Freycinet National Park and particularly at the Wineglass Bay, one of the top beaches of the region.

If you are one for great views, then you cannot beat the majestic views from Kunanyi at Mount Wellington. Salamanca Place and Bruny National Park are also great places to visit. Begin with these and you are sure to find many more to add to your list.

Music and culture

Music enthusiasts will have a great time at any one of the many venues for music in Tasmania. Some of the best music venues are at Hobart. Check out the gigs playing at some of these places. Start with The Brisbane Hotel – it’s not the most premium of places but it is one of the best music venues around. The bands that play here are passionate musicians, who create some beautiful music and don’t just play covers. Another great place is The Grand Poobah. This is a popular spot for visiting bands as well as local ones. The Republic Bar has to be one of the most popular ones around, with live gigs happening every day of the week. Playing at this venue is believed to be a band’s step to stardom. The Royal Oak Hotel and Club 54, both in Launceston are quite popular with the youngsters.

If you would like to explore some of the culture of Tasmania, then there are numerous things that you can do. Head to the Old Hobart Town Model Village that replicates the life and history of Hobart. Another great place to visit is the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre that tells you the story of the miners back in the day and how they worked. The West Coast Heritage Centre explains elaborately the history and development of the West Coast. Do take some time out to visit the Port Arthur Historic site, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is little more than an hour’s drive from Hobart. And automobile enthusiasts will definitely have to make a stop at the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania.

Art and theatre

If you are looking for some good classical and theatre performances, there are several places that you can head to. Check out what is happening at the Salamanca Arts Centre, which has both theatre and performing arts. You could also try Princess Theatre, the Devonport Entertainment and Convention Centre as well as the Earl Arts Centre. There are several other venues that you can choose to go to.

Tasmania is quite serious about its art and you will see that are over 50 galleries dedicated to various art forms. Rosny Barn is a gallery at Rosny Park; You have the Queen Victoria Art Gallery which is a heritage museum and bookshop as well. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart draws quite a crowd as well. Some other important galleries for your list should be Colville Gallery, The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery and Design Tasmania.

Outdoor activities

The great thing about Tasmania is the fact that it has weather that is not too extreme and so the outdoors is always a great place to be. There are several activities that you can indulge in and numerous companies that will organise some great things for you to in your free time.

Considering that the island has a wonderful coastline, water-based activities are aplenty, from swimming to surfing and to other more adventurous activities. With the undulating landscape and the numerous mountains around – hiking and trekking are much loved activities as well. Rock climbing and camping are popular too.

Thanks to the great weather, you can also spend time exploring the food scene in Tasmania. There are several great spots for you head out to. What’s more, having a BBQ with the family in your backyard is something you can consider at all times.

Winter time is when you can make the most of the range of festivals that come to town (there are plenty that do the rounds in summer as well) and have yourself a great time.

In general, Tasmania has a humming arts, food and music scene, as well as being heaven for those who love the outdoors. If you have decided to make the move, contact Ausmove. We can arrange moving your possessions, your car, and even the cat and dog over the ditch.