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From the moment you alert us of your interest in relocating to Australia, be assured that ‘we’ve got you sorted to OZ’.

Our experience as NZ’s leading personalised mover to Australia, means we are well versed in every aspect of the moving process. What we’re known for is our good prices, fast turnarounds, and quality of service, on both sides of the Tasman. Whether you have a few furniture items, some cartons, or a six-bedroom household with artwork, antiques, vehicles and pets, we will get you there safely, on time and on budget.

Ausmove service every corner of the vast Australian continent, and all parts in between. While most of our customers are moving to the main cities, we also provide regular relocation services to destinations like Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Wollongong, Central Coast, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Darwin, Alice Springs, Launceston, Hobart, Geelong, Ballarat, and Mt Gambier.

Our Standard Service

Here’s what our standard service to Australia includes;

  • Door to door relocation service by sea or air.
  • Obligation free consultation and quote.
  • Part or full load container removal service.
  • Dedicated Move Coordinator.
  • Assistance with documentation.
  • Export quality packing materials.
  • Professional packing service.
  • Preparation of a detailed inventory of your personal effects.
  • Advice on customs and quarantine requirements & documentation.
  • Use of recognised shipping companies and airlines.
  • Customs clearances, delivery, unwrapping and unpacking in Australia.
  • Storage in both NZ or Australia, as required.

Before you leave NZ

Not surprisingly what happens when you get there, starts before you leave. This is where our moving to Australia experts make sure you’re aware of the strict Australian regulations for importing household goods and personal effects. For example, did you know that there is no such thing as an uninterrupted door to door service, without everything being unloaded, customs cleared, and reloaded at our service partners transitional facility? Every item you send is subject to examination and potential quarantine, by the Australian government.

What this means is that the quality of the advice you take and the research you conduct on your own, has a direct bearing on how smoothly things go, upon your arrival in Australia. For example, if some of your effects are quarantined, delays and additional costs could be incurred. There are also some dutiable items, and others which are not allowed to cross the border into Australia.

Here’s a useful link to find out more

The good thing is that you are in safe hands with Ausmove. Our team provide you with key information about completing customs documents, the process for customs clearance and what items are prohibited. Before you leave, we will double check all of your documentation, and highlight any omissions that may cause you issues. We also liaise closely with the Australian service partner to ensure there is a seamless handover when your shipment is on the water, or in the air.

When you get to Australia

Our job isn’t finished until you have moved in and started your new life in Australia. In most situations Ausmove and our Australian service partners both use the same move management software application. This means your essential move information is electronically transmitted and shared between us, in real time. As we both use the same closed system there’s little likelihood of misunderstandings, faulty communication, or information security issues. It also means we can maintain an active role in coordinating your relocation, every step of the way.

Our destination service in Australia is very comprehensive. Your pre-paid door-to-door charges includes the payment of port fees, collecting your shipment from the port or border terminal, customs clearances, delivery, the reassembly of basic furniture items, unpacking and the clearance of packaging materials from your new home. If you can’t take direct delivery, all our service partners have safe and secure storage facilities, near your eventual destination. All you do is leave the shipment in store, extend transit insurance with Ausmove to cover the period in store and arrange for delivery, when you’re ready to move in.

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