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Neighbourhoods in Sydney

Sydney, the most populated city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales, is beautiful! The Opera House, Darling Harbour, the National Park and the Harbour Bridge…the sights and landscapes, coffee shops, the beaches and sunsets…it’s got the best of urbanity and there is no dearth of natural beauty either- gorgeous beach resorts and green space abound.

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Sydney is well-known for its list of fun activities, roof top bars, the famous Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, weekend markets and active night life. Its coastal setting adds to the romance. It’s a hyperactive city, much more energetic than the relaxed city of Perth or the family haven of Brisbane. Living in Sydney can ruin your life (in a good way) as the lifestyle is so amazing- what would you do if you were surrounded by a 100 beaches? Surf or swim or lie down on the beach! Take a walk during the sunset. Destress, taking in a breath of salty sea air. If you move to Sydney, you might not ever want to leave!

Besides the remarkable diversity of the geography there, there are people from all over the world who work here. Over 250 languages are spoken in this city alone. Not to mention a diverse bunch of restaurants, clothing and events to choose from.

But one reason that you might be discouraged from living in this pluralistic society is the simple fact that Sydney can be very expensive- the rent alone can be eye-watering in some suburbs. The silver lining is that prices have fallen to 2014 levels and rents have just become far more affordable. Also Sydney is densely populated with more people preferring to live in apartments- in fact 50% of the population in Sydney prefers apartments, particularly with the huge influx of Generation Y.

Taking the Leap

Before you move to spectacular Sydney, you need to make a list of the suburbs there and zero in on the suburb you would like to live in. Give it some time and consideration so that your possessions can be freighted from New Zealand, and in the meanwhile and you can find a place that suits your budget and lifestyle.

There are plenty of short-term rentals to choose from before you make your final decision. Where you are going to stay depends on whether you are planning to live with your family or if you are looking for single accommodation. There are many factors that could influence your decision. Consider pricing, of course, whether you are getting a house or a unit, whether it is close to a supermarket, the distance of the commute from your home to the workplace, presence of good schools, acceptable levels of noise pollution, manageable traffic conditions and don’t forget accessible parking spaces. Would you prefer a short commute to work or will you take the ferry? That could influence your decision as well. If you are single or a couple, you could check and Gumtree to find rooms with suitable flatmates. Your budget should also take into consideration whether the home is fully furnished as purchasing furniture is an additional cost and basic living in Sydney is expensive.

Check this article for average rents in various suburbs and more details that you need to think about while considering a home on rent.

There is something for everyone in Sydney and over 658 suburbs to choose from in ‘this city of villages’. There are plenty of resources on the internet as well that could lead you to a good home. Don’t rely on the internet alone. Mingle with the friendly locals to find out the best place to stay in. Finding the perfect home is not a decision you can take on a whim. You need to zero in on the most comfortable option for you work-wise and money-wise. If you are moving with your family, you will need to take a whole lot of things into consideration so that you can make the most out of your stay at Sydney.

Sydney is Calling

Feel like a taste of Australia’s biggest city? Moving to Sydney is the dream for many Kiwis, who want a world of job opportunities, amazing weather and internationally famous beaches all at their doorstep.

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Eastern Suburbs

Choosing the eastern suburbs is a great option if you want to make the most of Sydney’s beaches. Imagine being near beaches all day and working by one. It doesn’t have to be a dream!

Bondi is prime beach front filled with shops, bars and the best-looking surfers in Sydney. All these perks make it expensive though, so other good alternatives that are close by include Coogee and Bronte.

You could also opt for more leafy suburbs like Randwick, Woollahra, Waverley and Kensington. Royal Randwick is Australia’s premiere racecourse and hosts the best fashion when races are on.

Suburbs like Paddington, Darlinghurst, Kings Cross, Potts Point and the romantic Surry Hills are great for the cosmopolitan at heart and those who crave for the up market. The eastern belt is pricey- it’s filled with multimillion-dollar mansions, but it’s convenient and accessible.

Here are some good places in Eastern Sydney to settle down in:

Potts Point

Median house price: $705,000
Schools: Plunkett Primary School, St Brigids School

In the inner eastern suburb, Potts Point is filled with Victorian terraces and neon lit clubs. It’s just a quarter of an hour away from the CBD.

Forest Lodge

Median house price is $1,650,000
Schools: St James School, St Brendan’s School, Glebe Public School

Close to the CBD and perfect for families with young children, this inner eastern suburb is a great alternative to Glebe. It’s a bit less loud and ideal for family living. It’s part of the local government area.


Median House Price: $915,000
Schools: Australian International High School, Aquinas Academy, Conservatorium High School

This gentrified suburb, well-known for Finger Wharf, is close to the CBD too. There are lots of schools and parks in the vicinity.


Median House Price: $2,018,598
Schools: Maroubra Bay Public School

Maroubra is one of the more affordable beachside suburbs.

Inner West

A great place for young professionals, near the CBD and well-known for its community spirit. Some good options include Surry Hills, Marrickville, Newtown, Camperdown, Darlington, Waterloo, Beaconsfield, Redfern, Chippendale, Erskineville and Alexandria.

The inner west is far more urban and gentrified. There are lots of job opportunities here as this is a growth hub. Good transportation and affordable housing make this an ideal place to house hunt. There’s a lot of liveable spaces and street art. The roads are wider and there is a more suburban feel to the place.

Surry Hills

Median House Price: $1,795,000

Surry Hills is high in demand. It’s well connected and has great restaurants. It was once crime ridden but is now filled with hipster cafes.


Median House Price: $1,300,000
Schools: Green Square School, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Primary

Waterloo is a residential hotspot. It’s a great location for going to parks, shops and galleries. The public transport system works pretty well there too.


Median House Price: $1,453,646
Schools: Cleveland Street High School, The Athena School, Newtown North Public School

Also dubbed as Australia’s own Silicon Valley. It’s a great place for the young and enterprising. Filled with cafes and brimming with conversation.


Median House Price: $838,500
Schools: The Newtown Public School, The Athena School

Newtown is a bohemian suburb and an energetic hotspot in Sydney.


Median House Price: $1,342,500
Schools: Darlington Public School,

Darlington is quiet; yet it is walking distance from the coolest places in town.


Median House Price: $1,326,000
Schools: Redfern Public School, Inner Sydney High School

Redfern is a stone’s throw away from Central Station. This suburb has some great breakfast eateries to boot.

Ramsgate Beach

Median house price: $807,500
Schools: St. Patrick’s Primary School, St. George Christian School

Ramsgate Beach is a long drive form the CBD. It’s got great views and educational facilities.


Median House Price: $850,000
Schools: Auburn Public School, Sydney Adventist School

Auburn is a multicultural setup and a huge draw for foodies. Auburn has been absorbed into the inner west suburbs.


Median House Price: $2,030,000
Schools: St James School, International Grammar School,

This is an inner western suburb with great views of the Anzac bridge. This suburb has a very family-friendly environment.

Balmain East

Median House Price: $3,205,000
Schools: St Brigid’s School, Balmain Art School, Birchgrove Public School

An inner western suburb, Balmain East is a great place to live with family. However, it is likely unaffordable for most people to buy a home here.


Median House Price: $1,680,000
Schools: Rozelle Public School

Rozelle is a harbourside inner suburb right next to the CBD. It has been part of the Sydney landscape since 1877, and was named after the abundance of Rosella parrots that were found in the area. 3% of the population are Kiwi so you might find some familiar accents here.


Median house price is $2,032,500
Schools: Birchgrove Public School

Expensive housing owing to the great views across the harbour. With its parks, art galleries and hotels, Birchgrove has quite a bit to offer.

North Shore and Northern Beaches

These areas are laid back and liveable. Crow’s Nest has been hailed as the most liveable suburb in Sydney. It’s also a great place to visit with its art galleries and vineyards. Most of the suburbs here are a quick train ride away from the city centre.

The Northern beaches are slowly getting more popular. More and more opportunities are coming up and there’s a lot of progress, which brings in more and more people from different communities here.

Castle Cove

Median House Price: $2,658,114
Schools: Castle Cove Public School

The Castle Cove, situated in the middle harbour, has plots with some of Sydney’s most spectacular views. In spite of being remote, there is a golf course and school facilities.


Median House Price: $1,180,000
Schools: Loretto Kirribilli, Wenona School Ltd, Sydney Church of England Grammar School

This is one of the most established and affluent suburbs in Sydney, home to the Australian PM. It’s a short distance from CBD and home to many parks and schools. You can Instagram pictures of the glorious Jacaranda tree lined parks, shop at the Kirribilli markets for something special, park-hop or even get on a boat or wait a minute a kayak. Ferries, food and fun at Luna Park, Kirribilli is a blast!

Hunters Hill

Median House Price: $1,680,000
Schools: Hunters Hill Public School

Between two rivers, the Lane Cove River and the Parramatta River there is a North Shore suburb. It is a quaint location crammed with delicious food, cosy bookstores and picnic opportunities.

Forest Lodge

Median house price: $1,650,000
Schools: St James School, St Brendan’s School, Glebe Public School

Close to the CBD and perfect for families with young children, this inner eastern suburb is a great alternative to Glebe. It’s ideal for family living and hosts many community events.


Median House Price: $1,479,540
Schools: Brookvale School, St. Augustine’s Public College

It’s a quiet place with plenty of cafes, bookshops and even a Float Centre. It was largely settled by Italian families, so you may find some excellent restaurants among the multiple sports grounds (this is where the Manly Sea-Eagles train).


Median House Price: $689,417
Schools: St. Finbar’s Catholic Primary School, Jamison High School, St Paul’s Grammar School.

Go to the Blue Mountains and there at the foot of the mountains is Penrith, a cheap option in Sydney. It’s a great place to take kids- there’s a Museum of Fire and a Museum of Printing as well.

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