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Vehicle Shipping to Australia

Are you thinking about shipping a car, van, ute, trailer, motorcycle, quad bike, boat trailer, caravan or golf cart to Australia?

Whether it’s part of your overall household goods move or an ‘one off’, you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in vehicle shipping. While Ausmove staff can help you estimate the duties, luxury tax (if applicable), compliance, and GST costs associated with importing a car into Australia, these costs are outside our control. The decision is ultimately yours. That’s why the first things we advise is for you to do your homework. Is your vehicle eligible, and do the shipping and compliance costs make it worthwhile vs the cost of replacing in Australia? In most cases yes, and it also depends on your status of arrival into Australia with regards to import concessions.

To view the Australian import requirements checklists and information on their government website follow this link.

Once you’ve made the decision to ship, don’t be put off by the paperwork and documentation, as these can be daunting. We are an experienced vehicle shipping company and will guide you through every step of the vehicle importation process.

Flexible Shipping Options

Ausmove can provide a range of both container and shipping options, to meet every need. We are a little ‘old school’ and prefer to containerise your vehicle, that’s for safety and security reasons. Inside the container we secure your car from 4 corners, then build a bulkhead or wall, and chock the wheels. There’s virtually no possibility of movement. While the roll on roll off (RORO) service may appear more convenient and in some cases cheaper, there can be issues around accidental 3rd party handling damage, having to leave your car unlocked or having it exposed to extreme weather events on ports. All vehicles must also be in condition to roll on and roll off i.e. driveable.

Once you’ve decided to relocate your car or motorised vehicle it’s very efficient and inexpensive for Ausmove to pack it into same container as your household goods shipment. That’s how most of our vehicles are shipped. However, due to Ausmove’s solid volume of shared containers, it’s also standard practice for us to send a single vehicle in a container with the personal effects of other customers. This is also very cost effective, as everyone just pays their share of the freight costs. Another option is for us to secure a single car into its own ‘sole use’ 20-foot container or 2-3 vehicle combo into a 40-footer.

Vehicle Shipping Fast Facts

Here are some fast facts on vehicle shipping to Australia;

  • The process for shipping a motorcycle or quad bike is similar to a car. Your bike will be secured inside a shared or sole use container, generally in a purpose-built motorcycle crate.
  • If you need safe and secure vehicle storage in either NZ or Australia, this can easily be arranged through your Ausmove representative.
  • Ausmove will arrange all the logistical details, including clearance at destination. We will support and advise you on the process, essential documentation, and have you informed.
  • Following the regulations for quarantine, customs clearance and registration is very important, we recommend you ‘buy in’ as there are few exceptions.
  • Prior to shipping, your vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned both inside and out, including under the wheel arches, and in under bonnet catchments by windscreens, fuel needs to be run down to the minimum.
  • Once your car arrives in Australia, you will be contacted by our service partner. They will handle the clearance either with you or on your behalf. Once it’s made available, they will make the reservations for either a pickup or delivery.
  • Before your vehicle leaves our shores there will be a co-signed condition report, for insurance purposes. This document is signed off again when you take possession in Australia. This way, any change in condition (during transit) can be quickly identified.
  • We recommend you arrange comprehensive marine insurance, (through Ausmove) when shipping your vehicle. It will cover every eventuality from your door until you take full possession in Australia.

Thank you for considering Ausmove for your forthcoming vehicle relocation to Australia. For more information or to arrange an obligation free quote please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 09 360 4777, or email us at We look forward to being of service.

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