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Moving Money to Australia

There are many things to consider when moving to Australia and transferring your money is one of them.

Ausmove has partnered with XE Money Transfer, a trusted global payments and foreign exchange specialist who provide highly competitive exchange rates and tailored currency advice to both private individuals and businesses alike. XE is the world’s trusted currency authority used by more than 280+ million people a year.

Ausmove has been referring our customers to XE Money Transfer for many years, and during this time they’ve saved tens and thousands of dollars in fees. We know this sounds too good to be true, but in this case, it actually is true! Click here to move your money to Australia at bank-beating rates!

Did you Know…

Did you know that depending on how much money you’re moving, it’s possible to move for free. Yes, that’s correct, the equivalent of a FREE MOVE, all based upon the savings you can achieve by using XE Money Transfer and not one of the big-name trading banks

Here’s How It Works With XE Money Transfer

Before you move to Australia, set up your Australian bank account. It’s easy, you can do it online. This is the account XE Money Transfers will move your New Zealand money into. It also means you are ready to go when you arrive. You will need proof of address and two forms of identification, as a rule. Regardless of the bank you use, the processes and fees aren’t dissimilar to New Zealand.

XE offer highly competitive exchange rates, a 24/7 secure online platform, personalised currency guidance from expert dealers and zero transfer fees. All funds are held in segregated client trust accounts, so you know they are safe and secure.

The process for transferring funds is fast, easy, and highly secure. There are multiple ways to send your money. You can use a debit card, credit card, bank transfer or XE Money Transfer’s regular payments service via direct debit. Opening an account is free and takes only takes a few minutes with no obligation to transact.

Click here to move your money to Australia at bank-beating rates!

If you have questions about this best way to do this, our advisors may be able to help. Contact us to have a chat about what works best for you.

XE money transfer makes international payments fast, easy and highly secure. Opening an account is free and takes only takes a few minutes with no obligation to transact.

  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • 24/7 secure online platform
  • Personalised currency guidance from expert dealers
  • Zero transfer fees
  • Simple, secure money transfers
  • Client funds held in segregated client trust accounts

Click here for bank-beating rates!

Client’s story

“Ausmove have been referring our clients to Marcus for over 6 years now and we know of many clients who have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars. A client who we recently moved to Noosa, Queensland, saved enough on his foreign exchange to buy his wife a new car! It’s fantastic to be able to direct Ausmove clients to a safe, secure reliable service that not only simplifies the transfer process, but in many instances pays for the entire relocation to Australia.”

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