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Pet Transport to Australia

Did you know that Ausmove not only move your household goods and personal effects, but we also pride ourselves on taking care of the whole family, including your family pets. We’re sure you’re happy to know that we don’t actually do the physical moving of your pets, we partner with New Zealand’s leading pet relocation specialists, to ensure your four-legged family members receive a VIP (Very Important Pet) service.

What might surprise you is that moving your family cats and dogs from New Zealand to Australia is reasonably straightforward, compared to other countries. That’s because NZ is a rabies free, category one country. There is no quarantine period, and all pets can travel directly into many of Australia’s major airports, including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and the Gold Coast. After being cleared at the airport they can travel straight home or be further transported to their eventual destination. With good planning (and an early morning departure) it’s even possible to be on the same flight as your pet so you can all leave the airport together.

Here’s a link to the Australian government’s step by step guide for importing cats and dogs from New Zealand; New Zealand – Step by step guide for cats and dogs DAFF (

Planning Your Pets Move

To get things underway all you need to do is advise us that you would like a quote for your pet(s) to move to Australia. We will take your basic details and connect you to our trusted service partner. They are considered the market leaders in international pet moving on both sides of the Tasman. The first step is for one of their international pet travel specialists to give you an in-depth consultation and provide expert advice on your options and what’s involved. As with all international travel, the detail is important, but don’t worry they are experts. The next step is for them to prepare a personalised quotation, that meets the needs of both you and your fur babies.

Important Stuff You Should Know

  • Once you’ve decided to take your pet, it’s advisable to start planning early, generally several months in advance. That’s to ensure the required documents, vaccinations, health checks and vet work are completed in a timely fashion.
  • We don’t quote pet transport prices on our website, as each quotation is specific to each pet. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a pet transportation price. These include flight routes and destinations, size and weight of your pet, the scope and level of service(s) required and lots more.
  • Your pet transport quotation will be between our service partner and yourself, Ausmove do not take any commissions or financial reward. Our goal is to ensure your ‘whole family’ can travel and settle safely in Australia.
  • Most dogs can travel to Australia providing they meet the specific health standards and import eligibility requirements. Our partners will assist you to ensure the required documentation, vet work, tests and treatments are completed.
  • If you need a little breathing room or want to take a holiday our service partner can have first class boarding facilities for both cats and dogs, on both sides of the Tasman.
  • All your pet’s travel itinerary, bookings, and transit care are part of the service. Flight bookings can be coordinated with the family’s flights if there’s plenty of notice.
  • Our partners have a fully equipped pet transit lounge for priority check in at Auckland airport. There’s easy parking and access both into and out of the airport. Your pet(s) will be able to stretch and relax before departure and when they arrive. They will be well looked after by dedicated pet handlers and have access to an onsite vet (if necessary). There are also pet toilet facilities and plenty of water on hand.
  • Prior to departure you will have a customised pet crate delivered to your home. In some instances (and depending on your location), a home visit can be arranged for a pet handler to professionally fit your pet to the right sized crate.
  • The in-flight temperature in the area of the plane reserved for pets is set at 18 degrees Celsius, and the cabin is dimly lit so your pet can see and hear what’s going on.

Once the plane has landed in Australia your pets will be the first off, even before the humans. They will be taken to a secure and comfortable waiting area. Each arrival airport procedure is slightly different, but once your destination is known, this will be outlined to you, as part of the consultation process.

For further information regarding pet transportation please contact our friendly team for assistance, call 09 360 4777 or submit a form online.

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