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Air Freight to Australia

There is no other method of transportation that can match the speed of airfreight!

There’s a very good reason for why airfreight is such a popular method of shipping smaller volumes of household goods and personal effects to Australia. There is no other method of transportation that can match the speed of airfreight.

Within a very short time-frame you can effectively be up and running with all your essential items. It also perfectly bridges the gap between what you can personally take on the plane and what you are sending by sea. That’s why so many Ausmove customers ask us to split their shipment and use a combination of both sea and air transportation.

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The Benefits of Trans-Tasman Airfreight

Air freight is the fastest, most secure, and reliable method of shipping personal effects to Australia. There is less risk of accidental damage or loss due to excessive handling, or extreme weather events. After all, your goods are only outside your control for a very short time, in comparison to sea shipments. Another major benefit is that airline timetables are less likely to change, in comparison to published shipping schedules. If they do, it’s only for a few hours, not days or weeks. Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve, you will also find that airfreight shipments are relatively inexpensive.

One thing you need to know is that an airfreight quotation is based upon a minimum airline chargeable rate. You then pay for either the gross weight of the shipment or the total volume of the shipment, whichever is greater. It might sound complicated, but we will make it simple, when the time comes.

Making Airfreight Work for You

Ausmove’s warehouse and office facility is strategically located, just a few minutes from Auckland airport. All our door-to-door airfreight services are the same as for sea freight, except the transit time is super quick. If airfreight is used in advance of your sea shipment you can either save on hotel costs, by moving straight into a cheaper transit apartment, or immediately commence your new life in permanent accommodation, (with the aid of rental furniture) while your main shipment is still on the water.

Airfreight shipments typically include things like children’s nurseries, work tools, office files, IT equipment, and sports gear. It’s also ideal for safely transporting items that have significant sentimental or monetary value, things like photo albums, shoe collections, family heirlooms, antiques, artworks, and estate inheritances.

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