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Moving to Australia? Ausmove is your best choice mover.

Moving to Australia From NZ

Moving to Australia? If you’ve ever dreamt of a new life overseas and subsequently decided moving to Australia is the best choice, but you don’t know where to start. Ausmove can easily make that dream a reality with a specialist move.

Moving to Australia from NZ has long been something of a tradition for Kiwis looking for greener pastures, new opportunities, and challenges, as well as those looking for a fresh start. With Ausmove, there’s no easier way to move, settle, and live in Australia!

So, you’ve decided to move. Request a free quote for moving to Australia from New Zealand today.

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Australian Destinations

Relocate to the Gold Coast

If you are moving to Australia, Gold Coast is simply an awesome place to live. It’s a city where you can find the perfect life balance, between work, studies, and social interactions. Best of all there’s year-round sunshine. If you’re looking for excitement there’s a playground of theme parks, water sports, top end shops, delicious food, and exciting nightlife.

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Relocate to Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the most popular destinations. Brisbane is not only the capital of Queensland, but also the third most populous city in Australia, being home to over 2.6 million people. If you are looking for adventure, career advancement, the perfect work life balance or planning your retirement, Brisbane really is a dream destination.

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Relocate to Sydney

What makes Sydney such a popular and attractive destination for kiwis, is the opportunity for career advancement and an improved work life balance. The salaries and wages are higher than in New Zealand and there are plenty of jobs on offer.

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Relocate to Perth

Rated amongst the Top 10 most liveable cities in the world. With nearly 13,000 kms of coastline on one side and the Australian outback on the other, there’s ample space and plenty to do for everyone. Perth offers a relaxed vibe, stunning beaches, every water sport imaginable, road trip adventures, award winning wine regions, and a stunning Mediterranean climate.

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Relocate to Melbourne

Moving to Australia? Melbourne is an incredible city, bursting with life and packed full of art, music, cafes, incredible cuisine, night life and some of the world’s best sporting venues. With the picturesque Yarra River flowing through the heart of the city, there are plenty of parks to relax in, while adrenaline-fuelled activities are available for the more adventurous.

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Relocate to Adelaide

Ranked as one of Australia's most affordable cities, with transport and accommodation options significantly cheaper than Australia’s other major cities. As the festivities capital of Australia, it offers some of country’s best dining experiences, thanks to the diversity of settlers in the region. Within a 90-minute drive of the city you can be in the world-famous wine and food regions of the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, and McLaren Vale.

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Relocate to the Sunshine Coast

Whether you’re moving for adventure, lifestyle, or retirement the Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most popular destinations for kiwis making a move across the ditch. Located just one hour’s drive from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast is home to 70kms of the world’s most beautiful coastline, hinterlands, inland waterways, and out of the way villages that showcase local arts and crafts.

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Relocate to Cains

If you’re thinking of moving to Queensland, the tropical Cairns Region is one destination that ticks all the boxes. That’s why so many kiwis favour a move to Cairns, over other Queensland destinations like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mackay, and Townsville.

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Relocate to Canberra

The city of Canberra is unique, in that it doesn’t belong to a state but is located in the Australian Capital Territories. (ACT) Being the capital city of Australia and the heart of the government, the city is often typecast as being boring and overly formal. The reality is that Canberra has plenty on offer for Kiwis making the move to Australia. For starters Canberrans enjoy a relaxed, informal lifestyle and a strong community vibe. It’s a city where everything is just easier.

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Relocate to Tasmania

Tasmania or Tassie as it’s known is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. The best thing is that not many others have figured that out yet, so it’s still affordable and relatively isolated. If you want to live outside the hustle and bustle of the main centres, Tassie could be for you. One of the most common stories you’ll hear in Tasmania is that it’s the place people come to visit and then never leave.

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Trustworthy NZ to Australia Relocation Services

If you’re looking to move to Australia without any hiccups, you will need to do it right and the best way to achieve this is to hire a moving service such as Ausmove. Because, we have extensive experience and an impeccable record in moving to Australia from NZ.

Affordable Shipping to Australia from New Zealand

Moving to Australia? sometimes, you might not want to leave too many of your belongings behind; thankfully, you won’t have to. With affordable shipping options available, Ausmove can help you seamlessly make the move and bring anything along with you. So, If you’re entertaining the idea of leaving items behind due to the cost involved, you should rethink this, as we have plenty of price-effective options available.

Why Choose Ausmove for Your Move to Australia?

If you’ve decided to get up and move to Australia, then there’s no better alternative (as a Kiwi) than Ausmove. This is because we are the only 100% New Zealand-owned specialist moving service that’s been ferrying Kiwis to Australia for more than two decades! No one understands the needs of New Zealanders moving to Australia better than we do. We can collect your belongings – and those of your family – from anywhere in Auckland, and you’ll soon have them at your doorstep in Australia, without any fuss whatsoever. So, give us a call today and make your move happen by taking advantage of our highly-competitive prices.

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Whatever requirements and belongings you need to move to Australia from NZ, we have the perfect package and quote for you. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you with all our options.

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