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Shipping to Australia from NZ

It doesn’t matter where your final destination is in Australia, we will get everything there safely, by the most economic method and through the most logical port of entry.

The sea freight shipping of household goods and personal effects to Australia, is our bread and butter. You will be surprised at how cost effective it is to ship your full household, rather than sell up and repurchase everything when you arrive in Australia.

The added bonus is that you retain the emotional attachment for special items, and the memories they evoke. Some things are simply irreplaceable. It doesn’t matter where your final destination is, we will get everything there safely, by the most economic method and through the most logical port of entry.

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The great thing about shipping furniture to Australia with Ausmove is our fast turnarounds. Sitting in Australia, waiting for a container to arrive can be an expensive, frustrating, and stressful time. That’s why fast turnarounds are important. We always have a significant volume of sea freight either getting packed up in New Zealand, waiting at the port or already on the water. We won’t be messing you around with vague timing and promises, unlike others we only ship to Australia so we know exactly what we can and can’t do. The faster we turn your shipment around, the more money you save!

Here are our sea freight shipping options;

Consolidated or Groupage Container Service

A groupage container is where your effects are consolidated with other shipments, all in the same container. This means you only pay for the space that you use, which is the most cost-effective sea freight option. This method of shipping is perfect for all customers regardless of the volume. You might just be taking your office equipment, your tools of trade, your share of an estate, a few family heirlooms, a limited number of cartons, with clothing and other essentials or your full house lot.

Did you Know…

If you’re moving a full house load you don’t have to take a sole use container. You can still send everything by groupage and save some money. There’s no inconvenience or downside because all shipments are unloaded (for examination) upon arrival in Australia, irrespective of whether they’re groupage or sole use.

The only downside to groupage shipments is that transit times can be longer than the sole use option. That’s because they don’t get on the water until there’s enough freight to fill them. However, this issue is reduced by Ausmove’s high groupage volumes, and regular sailings. In most instances we can give you an actual vessel and sailing date. Alternatively, if you have family or friends to stay with in NZ, you could have your shipment picked up sooner, so it still arrives in Australia, when you need it.

Full Container Load (Sole Use Container)

Having your own sole use container is a popular choice for many customers. Depending on your destination we have a selection of container sizes, 20-ft, 40-ft, and 40-ft high cubes.

In general terms a two – three bedroom household will fit into a 20-ft container, this can be doubled for the 40-ft options. One of the primary benefits of a sole use container is ‘peace of mind’. Your personal effects will not be travelling in a shared space, with other shippers. If container availability allows your shipment can be loaded and sealed directly, just be aware that this seal will be broken prior to delivery. That’s because it must be unloaded (for examination) at our Australian service partners bond facility.

Although slightly more expensive, the sole use option is the fastest way to sea freight your household goods and personal effects to Australia. In the bigger picture, this can be a saving; for example, you may have a week or two’s less transit time, with a corresponding reduction in temporary accommodation and transit living expenses. If you are taking a vehicle with your shipment, we can also consolidate both your household effects and vehicle into the same sole use 40-ft container. Other benefits of a sole use container are the simplified customs clearance process, and in most instances virtually no limit to the volume you can ship, all at the same time, on the same vessel.

We’ve Got You Sorted to OZ!

Ausmove is a moving company that specialise in the international shipment of household goods, vehicles, and personal effects from New Zealand to Australia. We are experts in our field. You will find us easy to deal with, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and very inexpensive in comparison to our competitors. Best of all we will provide you with a seamless and stress-free experience when you relocate to Australia.

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