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Video Surveys

That means you still have an Ausmove consultation and home visit, except it’s all done on either your cell phone or tablet. All you need is a decent Wi-Fi connection and you’re in business!

Our proprietary system not only modernises the survey process, it’s a great choice for people who are time poor or live in remote locations. Best of all its environmentally friendly and takes vehicles and their emissions off the road. You still have the benefit of an Ausmove consultation, without a time-consuming home visit.

  • Be prepared to move around, and open up cupboards, closets and cabinets, so we can see inside.
  • Turn on the lights or have a torch handy if there’s dark places.
How It Works …
  • We set an appointment and send you the link to our video interface, there is no App to download.
  • Our New Zealand based consultant connects with you. You show them what you want to move and discuss your requirements.
  • We prepare the inventory and send a tailored proposal and quotation promptly.
What You Need To Do …
  • Have your device fully charged.
  • Click on the link at the appointed time.
The Benefits Of Video Surveys …
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Less time consuming, fast turnaround.
  • Improved quote accuracy, with a video record kept of everything being moved.
  • Environmentally friendly, takes vehicles and their emissions off the road.
  • Very high customer satisfaction rating.
  • Great use of technology, without losing the human touch.

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