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Top Tips for Moving with Kids to Australia

Moving house can be an emotional time for a family, especially when moving to a different country. There are so many changes for all, leaving friends in New Zealand, moving to another house in a different country, changing daycare, primary school, or college.

Fortunately, there are a few strategies to make your family’s transition when moving with children go more smoothly. Read our five top tips to make your move to Australia a positive experience for the whole family.

1. Keep Your Kids Involved in the Moving Process

Explain to your kids why you are moving to Oz. Is it to be closer to family? Change of scenery or are you relocating for work? Wherever you are moving to in Australia educate your children, search the town / city on google and show them the location on the map. Look at photos and find out what there is to do as a family. Your children will be familiar and feel more at home when you get there.

2. Ausmove’s Top Tip: Packing Treasured Items

Ask your child to put some of their favourite items in a bag that they can take with them on the plane. These special items could be a teddy bear, toy car or a favourite book. They will feel secure and in charge of their most prized possessions as a result of this.

3. Host a Farewell Party

It may be difficult for your child to say goodbye to their friends and neighbours. A goodbye party gives your child a sense of closure and helps them feel less like they are leaving their friends behind.

4. Create a Photobook or Scrapbook

Your child will be able to virtually visit their previous home whenever they need to by making a memory book filled with images of moments doing activities they enjoyed and spending time with friends and family.

5. Getting Settled in OZ!

It can be tempting to keep your items in boxes, but if you haven’t unpacked, your children might start to worry that the family will move again. We suggest you unpack all your belongings sooner than later; this will help settling into your new home in Australia. Prioritise your kid’s room and allow them to take part in setting up their new space for example deciding where to put their bed, bookcase, desk and where to place their belongings.

It can take time for your family to settle in Australia, adjusting to a new place and making new friends. Encourage your children to participate at school, it could be a great opportunity to take up new hobbies or sports which will help with a smooth transition giving your child a sense of stability and security.

We hope these tips for moving with children have been of help. For more useful tips and moving resources click here.

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