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Household Goods

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Cost-effective Secure Storage

Ausmove provide both short and long-term storage options at our modern, safe, and secure warehouse complex, 5 minutes from Auckland International Airport.

From here we have quick access to both the airport and the Ports of Auckland, for the on carriage of your goods, and for receiving inbound shipments from Australia. Being an MPI and customs approved facility, you can be assured we have strict access and security protocols in place. This includes silent alarms and security cameras. If you need storage, your personal effects will be carefully packed and inventoried, reducing the chance of anything being misplaced. We secure your effects in either purpose built wooden modules, or our own storage shipping containers, these are also kept undercover in our modern warehouse.

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How Storage Can Work for You

Whether you’re just thinking about moving to Australia, or 100% sure of your plans, Ausmove has plenty of cost effective and common-sense options for you to consider. These include;

  • You may be moving to Australia, with the intention of returning after a fixed period. If you prefer a portion of your household goods to stay in New Zealand while you’re away, we can pack, inventory, insure, uplift and store everything, for the full duration of your time offshore. Best of all we have one transit insurance policy (with storage extensions) that covers everything, including your eventual redelivery. By keeping everything under one roof there are no duplicated costs or uninsured gaps in your risk profile.
  • If you would like your shipment stored in Australia, let us know; we will provide you with a quote and make all the arrangements with our service partner. Don’t worry, we only use the very best! You can be assured of the highest standard of care and security when your goods are stored and eventually redelivered in Australia.

Ausmove quote on your full door to door move. We then complete the export packing of your household goods and transport them into our Auckland store. At this point you part pay for these portions of the move, and the marine insurance. There’s also a weekly storage cost. Now everything’s safe and secure, you can get across the ditch, and do what you need to do.


Commences when you’re ready to call for your goods, all you need to do tell us when to ship them and pay the balance of your original quotation. We get them on the water, so you can take delivery and start your new life, in Australia.

The benefits of doing this are significant.

  • Firstly, if your unsure of your final destination in Australia you don’t have to pay the full cost until you have confirmed your final destination. This allows you to secure a regular income or have a financial buffer, while you get acclimatised.
  • Secondly, as long as we send your effects within 10-12 months of uplift there is no GST applicable for any part of the full door to door relocation, including insurance and pre-paid storage costs.
  • Thirdly, if your plans don’t work out and you return home, you haven’t paid for the full move in advance, only the NZ based services. You also won’t have the cost of sending everything back again. We will apply GST to what you’ve already pre-paid, and you can decide what to do from there.
  • Lastly, this option allows you to change your destination at a later date. If your household effects were already in Australia, any change could mean the cost of two moves in a short space of time. By having your effects in our New Zealand store all you need to do is notify us of any changes and we will adjust (if necessary) the second portion of your quote, without any changes to your insurance policy.

Did you Know…

Did you know that by using Ausmove storage in NZ, you can save a lot of money, even if you’re still undecided on timing or your final Aussie destination. Our solution gives you the flexibility to take all the time you need. By the way, our customers love this option! It’s perfect if you’re still looking for work, want an extended holiday before settling down, or like the idea of trying out the Aussie lifestyle before fully committing to a permanent relocation. Here’s how it works;

Is Ausmove Storage Expensive?

You will be surprised at how inexpensive our storage rates are, especially when you consider what we can offer as part of a seamless and integrated relocation service. The main difference between us and other storage operators is that we only charge you for your actual volume, not a full unit that’s a lot bigger than you need. If you are involved in an international move and take out a 3rd party storage unit (as part of that process) it may seem cheaper or more expedient at face value. However, you are exposing yourself to a variety of risks and unexpected costs that simply won’t occur if you arrange everything through Ausmove.

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If you require storage in NZ, Australia or both, contact us today. With secure and safe storage and complete flexibility, we offer you the best options to suit your storage needs. Contact us today for your free quote. Call our Auckland office on 09 360 4777, or email us at

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