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Movers Insurance to Australia

When you choose Ausmove for your relocation to Australia, we want you to sleep well at night whilst your shipment is in transit. That’s why we arrange marine insurance cover for your household goods and personal effects.

Our team are passionate advocates of movers’ insurance, after all we want to sleep well too! We also understand what can go wrong, that’s why we prefer to present the facts, so you can make your own decision.

Just as you may have income protection, health insurance, motor vehicle insurance, property and contents insurance, this is just another form of personal protection. Although this type or insurance is often called ‘marine’ insurance, it actually covers all aspects of your move, not just in the air, in store or on the water. The purpose of mover’s insurance is to protect you against the risk of anything unexpected happening. It covers you from the moment our packers arrive, until the delivery crew has unpacked and set up your new home in Australia.

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Why Consider Movers Insurance?

There are many reasons you should consider marine insurance protection for your forthcoming move to Australia. These include;

  • Each international move carries the potential for loss or damage to your household goods. If left uninsured, unexpected events can result in significant emotional stress and financial hardship. These risks are things you see in the news every day; extreme weather events, accidents at the port or in transit, flooding, and remember the ‘Rena’ accident in Tauranga, where the container ship sank.
  • Another important risk factor is the number of times your goods are handled. From the time they leave your home to when they are delivered by our team in Australia there are multiple sets of hands and machines involved. ­These may include shipping companies, airlines, port authorities, handling agents, Australian border control officials, and stores staff on both sides of the Tasman.
  • While insurance is integral to our everyday lives, marine insurance is a ‘one off’ cost that protects you for a specific event. It may seem expensive, but it’s a unique cost, and unlikely to be repeated. Movers’ insurance is therefore quite different to other insurances. It can be rationalised as an essential component of the overall relocation experience, the part that provides you with ‘peace of mind.’
  • Ausmove is not an insurance company. That’s why we partner with VERO to provide a full range of insurance options to Australia. Vero’s policy through Ausmove is specific to international moving, not an addendum to VERO’s home contents policy. Vero are members of the Insurance Council of NZ and adhere to the Fair Insurance Code. While everything is arranged by Ausmove, your insurance solution is managed and guaranteed by one of NZ’s most reputable insurers.

Movers Insurance Options

Everyone has different needs, so we recommend you review the available options and choose the best fit for your situation. The basic principle is to make sure everything is fully covered, but don’t pay for unnecessary add-ons.

Our standard marine (transit) protection policy covers all risks on a door to door, professionally packed basis. This includes chipping, denting, scratching, breakage, and lost items. We also give you 30 days of free storage cover, and can quote on storage extensions, if you aren’t in a position to take delivery at destination. While we do have restricted covers for owner packed goods, we do not recommend you pack your own personal effects as this will ensure inspection by the Australian border force. Additional and ancillary options we offer include;

  • Pairs and sets insurance
  • Mechanical and electrical derangement insurance
  • High value items insurance (over $10,000.00 individually)
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Storage Insurance (after free period)

Calculating Your Insured Value

An important part of insuring your move is to determine the replacement value. While you can be selective, we recommend you insure for the replacement value of your entire shipment. As you would be making a claim in Australia, this amount should be the equivalent of replacement in Australian currency not Kiwi dollars.

For full household moves, rather than calculating and itemising the replacement value (on a valued inventory form) a popular choice is the lump sum option. This is where the insured value is determined by the volume being shipped, similar to your household contents insurance. The calculation is based upon an average value per cubic metre. Not only is this less stressful and time consuming, there is little chance you could be under insured. Anything that falls outside the guidelines can be listed and valued separately.

Are You Confused About Marine Transit Insurance?

If you’re confused about insurance, there’s no need to worry. Have a read through our Ausmove insurance proposal. It details the options and terms of our cover, in everyday language. For additional assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Auckland based staff on 09 360 4777, or email us at

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