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Why Choose Ausmove

Ausmove is Auckland and New Zealand’s most unique international moving company. That’s because we are the only specialist mover to Australia, and we’re very good at it.

Every year there are thousands of Kiwis moving to Australia and we handle some of the industry’s biggest Trans-Tasman volumes, irrespective of who we are up against. Having been in this business for 30 years, we have built a reputation for fair pricing, quick turn arounds and quality of service. This success hasn’t happened by accident or overnight. Here’s are five reasons why thousands of individuals and families continue to choose Ausmove as their preferred mover to Australia.

1. Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse group of amazing packers, customer services legends, data management gurus, problem solving experts, and logistics champions. Their common purpose is ‘We’ve got you sorted to OZ’ and it means exactly that. The only purpose for us coming together is to provide customers with high quality moving experiences to Australia. It conveys what we have been in the past, what we are doing today and what we will be doing in the future.

For customers, our purpose gives them comfort and confidence. They are not alone. There’s a team of experts supporting and guiding them through their relocation journey. Moving internationally is not easy, there’s a lot of documentation, rules. regulations and compliances. The emotional and financial consequences of choosing the wrong mover can linger well beyond the delivery date. That’s why Ausmove is there to provide sound advice, make good decisions, and do good work, from the moment our packers arrive, until each customer starts their new life on the other side of the ditch.

2. Services For Everyone

Every year thousands of Kiwis make the move across the ditch. Whether it’s for study, a better paying job, chasing the sun, retirement, or family reasons there’s no doubt that Australia is the promised land. Whether you are moving to a major city, a small town, or a remote destination, we will get everything to where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Here are some of our primary service options:

  • Our professional packers will internationally pack, wrap, and inventory all your personal effects.
  • We provide all packing materials, including hanging wardrobe cartons for clothing.
  • We have high frequency sole use and shared shipping container options.
  • Airfreight shipments are a popular option if you’re in a real hurry.
  • We ship motor vehicles as either stand-alone items or with your personal effects.
  • We have secure, short and long-term storage options on both sides of the Tasman.
  • We offer comprehensive marine insurance, from itemised inventory to lump sum.
  • We have a range of pet moving options, in association with our pet move specialists.

3. Awesome Service Partners

It’s easy for international movers to make promises before you leave our shores, after all words are cheap. However, the quality of the service you actually receive can only be judged when you take delivery in Australia. That’s why our service partner relationships are so important. These are our partner companies who will coordinate the clearance and delivery of your sea and air shipments when your household goods arrive in Australia. We have a choice to suit your location and move type ready to deliver on our service promise.

After 30 years of exclusively moving individuals and families across the ditch, we have forged relationships with a trusted community of service partners, who won’t let you down. Our service partner selection process isn’t just about relationships. Behind the scenes our management team are conducting regular reviews and site visits to ensure their customer service, operational procedures, storage facilities, vehicles, and data management systems are in line with our expectations. In real time we are monitoring and taking performance feedback from individual customers on every move.

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world so it’s not a case of one size fits all. We aren’t restricted to working with any one network, which can be the case for overseas owned international movers. We know that every service partner has their primary operating regions, and also their blind spots. Whether you’re moving to one of the main population areas, Karratha in West Australia, Katherine in the Northern Territories, Port Augusta in South Australia, or Cairns in Queensland you can be assured that we have a trusted service partner.

4. Fast Turn Arounds

You may be aware that in today’s post covid environment, there have been significant and ongoing disruptions to global shipping and aviation supply chains. As New Zealand’s only specialist mover to Australia, be assured that in the event of unexpected delays we have the volume and strength to be at the front of the queue. That’s why, in addition to shipping the personal effects of our customers Ausmove are also the go to company for other movers, who can’t guarantee their customers the same certainty of supply.

The frequency of our groupage or LCL shared container service is a major attraction for customers. This is where their household goods are co-loaded with others, and each pay a percentage share of the shipping container. With Ausmove you can be certain we have a significant volume of freight being either packed or shipped, on a daily basis. This means our groupage customers are receiving a similar service to the sole use container option, at a significantly reduced cost.

5. Making Your Dollar Go Further

When you look at value for money you can’t go past Ausmove as your Trans-Tasman moving partner. Our reputation is built upon it. We know that comparing international moving prices can be difficult, that’s because many companies have hidden costs that only become obvious when you arrive at destination. The first thing to know about us is that our quotes are for a full door to door service, including all standard clearance, delivery costs and the DAFF (Quarantine) inspection costs. Unless something unexpected happens, the invoice you pay in New Zealand is the total cost of your full journey.

Our services are priced to be both competitive and fair. The reason we can keep the price down is that we don’t have the same overheads as other international movers. They have either overseas owners taking dividends or layers of management. Some have both. Our managers and owner are working in the business, alongside everyone else. In addition, we have strict quality and productivity protocols, all designed to improve the customer experience and minimise service errors. The less errors, the lower the cost to both ourselves and our customers.

While our prices are attractive, everything else is either the same as our competitors or better. We have experienced and expert staff, modern equipment, first-class warehousing, outstanding service partners, and the world’s most advanced end to end move management software. Behind the scenes we are also passionate about workplace safety, staff training, cybersecurity, data management, and maintaining a values-based culture.

Ausmove are the moving to Australia specialists! For over 30 years we’ve been the number 1 moving company in Auckland, moving Kiwis across the Tasman since 1993.

Request a quote for relocating to Australia from Ausmove now, and let us show you why we’re the most trusted moving company for Aucklanders and wider New Zealand moving to Australia.

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