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Household Goods

Household Goods & Car


About Us

At Ausmove, we pride ourselves on being the only international moving company who specialise in the relocation of household goods and personal effects from New Zealand to Australia.

We are known for our fair pricing, quick turnarounds, and quality of service. Great moving experiences don’t happen by chance, there’s a lot involved. We’ve been so successful that in January 2024 Ausmove celebrated 31 years of Trans-Tasman moving.

Over the years we have completed thousands of successful relocations to every postcode in Australia, from a few items to some of the biggest household moves you could ever imagine.

We’ve Got You Sorted To OZ

‘We’ve got you sorted to OZ’ is not just a statement, it is our company purpose and sole reason for being in existence. It conveys who we are in historical, practical, and emotional terms. It lets our staff, customers and service partners know what we’ve done in the past, what we are doing today and what we will be doing tomorrow.

Our Ausmove Values

At Ausmove we have built a diverse team of amazing packers, customer service legends, data management gurus, problem solving experts, logistics champions and incredible Australian based service partners. While it’s our purpose that tells us who we are, it’s our people and Ausmove’s core values that bind us together;


Making good decisions is the foundation of fairness. We believe in being honest, celebrating diversity and nurturing an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.


We really know our stuff. We are both knowledge leaders and learners. We are driven by living up to our reputation. There’s no question we cannot answer or find the answer to.


We invest in the reliability of others. When we give our trust to others, we are saying I am safe with you, don’t break it, appreciate it. With trust comes strength, empathy, cooperation and success.


We anticipate what could happen. Whether it’s cybersecurity, personal information, or physical safety, we understand what could happen, calculate risk and put measures in place.


We are here to serve others. Every day we discover something new. We take the time to see, listen, understand, and add value. We look at new challenges as new opportunities.

What You Can Expect From Ausmove

By now you would have figured out that we don’t do anything other than international Trans -Tasman moving, and we’re very good at it. Whether you’re looking for adventure, moving for lifestyle or business reasons or wanting to be closer to family we are here to serve.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Ausmove as your moving partner;


We don’t overcharge or try to sell you something you don’t need. As the people’s mover to Australia, our reputation is built on fair pricing, and delivering excellent value for money.

One size doesn’t fit all. In order to treat people fairly we believe in treating everyone differently. This means we take the time to understand your needs and your individuality, before offering our opinions and solutions.


We see, solve, then simplify. Our staff are New Zealand’s leading experts in Trans-Tasman moving. This means we provide sound advice, don’t rely on guesswork, make good decision, and do good work, every step of the way.

We don’t use our knowledge just to process you. We will find the most cost-effective options, assist with documentation, and make sure there are no surprises or hidden costs waiting for you in Australia.


We appreciate the trust our customers place in us. You are investing in our reputation for risk- and stress-free reliability. This extends beyond our shores. There’s nowhere in Australia, where we don’t have a trusted service partner who we have worked with for years.


Ausmove and our primary Australian service partners are connected by Moveware, the industry’s most advanced move management software. All move details and personal information is secured and protected within this environment.

To enable the physical security of our customers belongings we provide careful screened and trained staff, alarmed and patrolled storage facilities, and standardised inventory controls, on both sides of the Tasman.


We are here to discover our customer’s needs and deliver solutions. In most instances we call on our extensive experience to replicate known solutions, using known resources and work practices. This is the value we can bring!

Although we are leaders, we are also learners. Even after all these years we can encounter challenging situations. When this happens, we move quickly and go into problem solving mode. Once we discover the answers, these are added to our experience library.