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Household Goods

Household Goods & Car

We’ve got you sorted to OZ!

Professional Moving Services

From the moment you alert us of your interest in relocating to Australia, be assured that ‘We’ve got you sorted to OZ’.

Our experience as New Zealand’s leading personalised mover to Australia, means we are well versed in every aspect of the moving process. What we’re known for is our good prices, fast turnarounds, and quality of service, on both sides of the Tasman. Whether you have a few furniture items, some cartons, or a six-bedroom household with artwork, antiques, vehicles, and pets, we will get you there safely, on time and on budget.

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Shipping to Australia

It doesn’t matter where you’re moving to in Australia, we will get everything there safely, by the most economic method and through the most logical port of entry.

The sea freight shipping of household goods and personal effects to Australia, is our bread and butter. You will be surprised at how cost effective it is to ship your full household, rather than sell up and repurchase everything when you arrive in Australia.

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Airfreight to Australia

There’s a very good reason for why airfreight is such a popular method of shipping smaller volumes of household goods and personal effects to Australia. There is no other method of transportation that can match the speed of airfreight. Within a very short timeframe you can effectively be up and running with all your essential items

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Ausmove provide both short and long-term storage options at our modern, safe, and secure warehouse complex, right beside Auckland airport.

If you would like your shipment stored in Australia, let us know; we will provide you with a quote and make all the arrangements with our service partner. Don’t worry, we only use the very best!

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Movers Insurance

When you choose Ausmove for your relocation to Australia, we want you to sleep well at night. That’s why we arrange marine insurance cover for your household goods and personal effects.

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Vehicle Shipping

Are you thinking about shipping a car, van, trailer, motorcycle, quad bike, boat, caravan, golf cart, or trailer to Australia?

Whether it’s part of your overall household goods move or an ‘one off’, you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in vehicle shipping.

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Pet Moving

Did you know that Ausmove not only move your household goods and personal effects, but we also pride ourselves on taking care of the whole family, including your family pets. We’re sure you’re happy to know that we don’t actually do the physical moving of your pets, we partner with New Zealand’s leading pet relocation specialists, to ensure your four-legged family members receive a VIP (Very Important Pet) service.

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Moving Your Money

There are many things to consider when moving to Australia and transferring your money is one of them.

Ausmove has partnered with XE Money Transfer, a trusted global payments and foreign exchange specialist who provide highly competitive exchange rates and tailored currency advice to both private individuals and businesses alike. XE is the world’s trusted currency authority used by more than 280+ million people a year.

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Quality Packing

Ausmove is a specialist international mover, every year we safely pack and ship hundreds of household goods and personal effects from New Zealand to Australia. We both appreciate and take seriously the trust and confidence you place in us to move your personal effects to Australia. Our job is to ensure everything arrives there safely and to mitigate the risk of damages due to port accidents, excessive handling, extreme weather events causing movement, and other potential risk events.

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Moving Process

Ausmove has been moving Kiwis across the ditch for 30 years! This gives you the peace of mind that we know exactly how to make the relocation process as stress free and efficient for you as possible. You can move with confidence with Ausmove!

Ausmove specialise in moving household and personal effects for Kiwis immigrating to anywhere in Australia safely and efficiently.

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