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Household Goods

Household Goods & Car


Quality Packing

Ausmove is a specialist international mover, every year we safely pack and ship hundreds of household goods and personal effects from New Zealand to Australia. We both appreciate and take seriously the trust and confidence you place in us to move your personal effects to Australia. Our job is to ensure everything arrives there safely and to mitigate the risk of damages due to port accidents, excessive handling, extreme weather events causing movement, and other potential risk events.

Here’s a summary of our Ausmove packing system;

Export Packing

Professional packing methods appropriate for overseas transit are adopted for every international move. These are quite different to the way you would pack and move your household goods for a domestic move. Our packing teams use a process known as export wrapping. This incorporates specialised packing techniques, in combination with high quality materials, specifically designed to provide maximum protection.

See our packing gallery below.

Labelling & Inventory

Careful identification is a key part of our packing system. The purpose is to ensure everything that was loaded at origin is checked off and signed for, every step of the way. On your moving out day, each item we pack is noted, labelled, and itemised on a packing list, called an inventory. At this point you and our Ausmove team leader check and co-sign for everything that leaves your residence. This inventory will be used many times throughout your International Removal, including during customs clearance, quarantine screening and when our service partner delivers and unload your effects at destination.

Stowing and Loading

When we are sending your belongings overseas, the safe loading and stowing of everything into our shipping containers is a crucial element in ensuring a safe voyage. This is not a job for novices. Luckily, our Ausmove packing and stowing teams are well trained and experts in safe handling techniques. They will make sure your effects are loaded according to the industry’s highest standards. For example, all cartons are stowed as tightly, and squarely as possible, to restrict unnecessary movement. Heavy items are placed below lighter items, and flat surfaces are faced up against other flat surfaces.

Our quality packing ensures your possessions receive outstanding protection


Our most versatile carton, ideal for crockery, glassware and other breakable household items. Also perfect for pots, pans, plastic, kitchenware and other general household items like linens.


The carton for your most precious items such as fine china, crystal and delicate ornaments.


This carton allows your suits, jackets, dresses and shirts to be hung during transit preventing creasing.


Specifically constructed to protect books of all sizes. Also suitable for smaller heavier items and ornaments.


Our BikePac not only provides maximum protection for your bike but also allows it to be shipped efficiently and without causing damage to other items.


Specifically designed for artwork and mirrors. It's telescopic function and sturdy construction allows us to safely pack items of varying sizes.


Your precious big screen tv will be packed in our custom made 'twin cushioned' sturdy TVPac, including specifically designed corner inserts ensuring your tv receives maximum protection.


All your furniture items are completely wrapped in our tuffwrap material which consists of layers of bubble and sealed air padding providing a high level of protection during transit.


Customised crates can be built for your special items like large screen TV's, pianos, fine art and antiques.

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