Why Are Kiwis Moving to Australia?

February 13, 2021

We’ve always had a close relationship with our cousins across the ditch. Through wars and crises, New Zealand and Australia have been the best of buds. That’s why you’ll find so many Kiwis who have moved to Australia and plenty of other people who want to.

More than 600,000 Kiwis call Australia home, many of whom have never looked back. So, why exactly is Australia such an appealing place to us Kiwis? Here are our top reasons why Kiwis are moving to Australia.

1. Higher wages

Many Kiwis who move to Australia do so because the wages are higher in their field. If you could earn more money doing the same job, and only be a stone’s throw away from home, why wouldn’t you? That’s the mentality possessed by many ambitious Kiwis who have been delighted when their work plans have worked out for them.

2. Cheaper cost of living

Many things in Australia are said to be cheaper, relative to the wages, such as rent and petrol. Fruit and veg is another thing that’s cheaper in Australia, with lots of fresh produce grown all over the country.

3. Weather

Tired of freezing your fingers and toes off every winter? In Australia, you don’t have to. Places like Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin are warm all year round. Other cities like Adelaide and Melbourne get a balanced year of weather, being cool in winter and warm in summer.

4. It’s easy

Moving to Australia isn’t like moving to the US, where the process is long and complicated. Moving from NZ to AUS is super easy, with little paperwork or drawn-out bureaucracy to deal with.

5. It’s more exciting

Another reason why Kiwis are moving to Australia is that it’s more exciting, especially for young people. Take Sydney, for example. It’s a city with a population of 5 million – the same size as the entire nation of New Zealand itself. Of course, it’s going to be livelier and there’s going to be more things to do in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

These are some of the main reasons why Kiwis are moving to Australia, but we believe there’s something more. Australia seems to have some kind of mystical gravitational pull towards it, attracting not only Kiwis, but people from around the globe to hang their hats there. Some say the beers and wines are better, and this isn’t something to be overlooked.

If you can’t resist that gravitational pull of Australia, we can’t blame you. In fact, Ausmove has been helping Kiwis give in to that lure for over 25 years. Ausmove are your specialists when it comes to moving to Australia – whichever city and whenever you’re ready. To start your new life in Australia, contact the team at Ausmove to arrange a quote today.

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