Why Are Celebrities Moving to Australia?

February 12, 2021

It’s all over the news, all over your social media feed and it’s what everyone is talking about: why are so many celebrities moving to Australia? We’re not just talking about a guy who played a waiter in one scene of Fast and Furious, either. We’re talking A-Listers like Sacha Baron Cohen and Natalie Portman.

Sure, it may have had something to do with the events of 2020, but some of them are sticking around Australia for good. In this post, we go through a few reasons why celebrities are moving to Australia and why maybe you should too!


If there was anything we learned from the year 2020, it’s that life is unpredictable. Australia showed the world that it can effectively handle a crisis when one does occur. Celebrities saw this immediately and were drawn to the safety of Australia, allowing them to live relatively freely depending on which state they moved to.

Job security

When a crisis goes down, so do many people’s jobs. In the film industry, this is particularly felt. Celebrities are moving to Australia because the film industry is operating basically as normal. Lots of movies and TV series are being made in Australia after the country proved itself to be a safe place during a global crisis. So, if you’ve thought about having your shot at the spotlight, maybe moving to Australia is your best bet!


Some celebs moved to Australia temporarily but ended up falling in love with the place and decided to stick around. Take Kate Walsh, star of Grey’s Anatomy, for example. She fell in love with the atmosphere, people and culture of Perth. From the Margaret River wine region to enthralling matches of Australian Rules football, Kate Walsh can’t stop picking up what Perth is putting down.

Zac Efron is another case of the old’ ‘moved here temporarily, but now I ain’t leaving’ situation. He moved to boho surf town Byron Bay, where Chris Hemsworth lives too, and now he’s buying a place there.


There’s no doubt that the Aussie lifestyle simply kicks butt. Whether you’re in a sleepy town or a big city, everybody in Australia seems so chilled out and laidback. It’s no wonder that celebrities want to escape the highly-strung, stressful and sometimes toxic environment of Hollywood. Australia is the place to forget your worries and just live.

We could name a hundred other possible reasons why celebrities are moving to Australia, but we figured a few would be enough to get you thinking. Are you interested in joining the A-Lister trend of moving to Australia? Ausmove can make it happen for you. They’re New Zealand’s specialists in moving Kiwis across the pond. Don’t sit around dreaming about it: do it! Contact the team at Ausmove today to get a quick quote and to start your moving process.

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