Top 5 Reasons to Move to Sunshine Coast

September 21, 2021

Imagine this: you wake up in the middle of winter and, instead of shivering underneath your quilt, not wanting to get up, you rise with a smile on your face, head down to the beach and get an early morning dip in before you start work. This kind of life is calling your name – it’s calling from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

But year-round perfect weather isn’t the only thing that makes the Sunny Coast a dream destination. There are so many other reasons to call it home – today, we’ll be narrowing them down to our top five!

1) Atmosphere

Anybody who’s ever visited the Sunshine Coast will agree: it has a special atmosphere that can only be experienced to get a true perspective of it. Everybody is super laid back, and no-one seems to worry about a thing. And why would you, when the weather is nice, the beaches are on your doorstep and everybody else is in a pleasant mood too?

2) Weather

We’ve said it before, like, three times in this post – and we’ll say it again: the weather on the Sunny Coast is frickin’ amazing. Summers are long and warm while the winters tend to stick around the 22-degree mark, but can get a lot warmer. In fact, we’d argue that the Sunshine Coast has the best weather in Australia, receiving almost 300 days of sunshine per year!

3) Jobs

Some industries are absolutely booming on the Sunshine Coast. If you’re a tourism professional, then you’re basically set. There’s a huge demand for tour guides, rental companies, accommodation managers and anything or anyone else that revolves around creating great tourist experiences. Trades, retail and construction are also in demand on the Sunshine Coast.

4) Location

The Sunshine Coast is in an ideal spot. It’s a short drive to the big city of Brisbane and Australia’s playground of the Gold Coast. Let’s say you need to see a specialist, or purchase something niche – simply drive down to Brisbane within an hour and a half and you’ll be there.

5) Food

The Sunshine Coast has to cater for an international appetite, which means the food has to be of a particularly high quality. The range of cuisines available on the Sunshine Coast is astonishing for such a compact little place: Thai, modern Australian, French, Japanese, Italian… not to mention some of the best seafood in the country!

Apart from your aspirations to get a tan and impress your family back in New Zealand, there are so many other reasons to hang your hat on the Sunshine Coast. Ausmove can help you move to the Sunshine Coast establish your new life in Queensland! They help Kiwis who are looking for a change of pace by assisting them when moving to Australia. Whatever you need shipped, Ausmove will get it there reliably and affordably. Request a free moving quote today.

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