Top 5 Reasons to Move to Newcastle

September 21, 2021

Move over, Sydney! There’s a new kid in town. Newcastle is known for its funky vibe, stunning beaches, affordable housing and relaxed atmosphere compared to its bigger sister of Sydney. Many Sydneysiders, who are tired of the skyrocketing house prices and chaotic energy of Australia’s biggest town, are packing up relocating a couple of hours north to Newcastle.

So, if you’ve been thinking of living or working in Newie, why shouldn’t you just skip that Sydney phase and go straight there? Here are our top five reasons to move to Newcastle from NZ.

1) Beaches

Want to enjoy the famous Australian beach life without having to be shoulder to shoulder on the sand? If so, we’d advise staying away from Sydney and heading up to Newie instead. The beaches are less crowded and just as beautiful as any of the beaches in Sydney. And, even if you’re situated in the west, you’re still just a short drive to the beach – the traffic in Newcastle is cruisy as.

2) Traffic

Newcastle has a population of over 300,000, making the roads far less congested than the roads in Sydney. Traffic jams are barely even a thing, and they’re certainly never on the massive scale that they are in Sydney. Getting around in Newcastle is a dream, meaning you can leave the road rage back in New Zealand!

3) Housing is affordable

So many Sydneysiders struggle with buying a place, without considering selling off a couple of organs. If you want to keep that left kidney, then head on up to Newie. The houses there are much more affordable than any suburb of Sydney, meaning you can stop paying rent sooner and watch your asset appreciate. Renting is also far cheaper in Newcastle, allowing you to save more of those hard-earned Aussie dollars!

4) Education

Students will love living in Newcastle. Close proximity to the beach, cheap rent and, best of all, fantastic education facilities. The University of Newcastle is one of the best universities in Australia and is ranked #252 in the world. That’s higher than many Aussie universities in capital cities!

5) Big city perks without the hassle

Newcastle has all the big city perks like education, healthcare, entertainment, sports and more. But it doesn’t have the fuss that comes with big cities like overpopulation, outrageous house prices and a chaotic vibe. Newcastle is literally the epitome of a town that has the best of both worlds.

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