Top 5 Reasons to Move to Darwin

September 21, 2021

If you’re keen on experiencing an Aussie city that feels like it’s a world away from the rest of Australia, then Darwin could be the place you’re looking for. Hot weather and amazing sunsets all year round, secret waterholes in gorgeous national parks, tropical fruit wherever you turn… Darwin sounds like it’s pretty much a paradise, right? Now, throw in the high paying jobs and friendly people to sweeten the deal!

Here are our top five reasons to move to Darwin, which we had trouble narrowing down.

1) Weather

Some like it hot, and if that describes you, then Darwin is where you need to be. With a humid, tropical climate, Darwin enjoys hot weather all year round. Summers tend to be stormy and wet while ‘winters’, if that’s what you want to call them, are dry and warm. There’s nothing better than enjoying a 30 degree evening on the beach, cold beverage in hand, enjoying a famous Darwin sunset in the middle of July, while the rest of Australia freezes their behinds off.

2) Scenery

If you’re an outdoorsy type, Darwin is totally up your alley. Within a short drive to some of Australia’s most famous national parks like Kakadu and Litchfield, Darwin offers nature on a whole new level. Camping, hiking, four-wheel-driving, mountain biking and loads of other outdoor activities are right at your doorstep when you live in Darwin.

3) Jobs

People who move to Darwin can enjoy a generally high wage, compared with the rest of Australia. You’ll find that many sectors including education, beauty and cosmetics, dental, trades, social work and others, pay considerably higher than the rest of Australia. To give you a rough idea, the average salary in the Northern Territory is around $75,000 per year… you drooling yet?

4) Liveliness

For a city with a population of 132,000, Darwin feels a lot bigger than that. It has a beating heart, with lots to see and do. The Mindil Beach Night Markets start in April and end in October, offering fresh fruit, vegetables, street food and a ton of other goods that will get your mouth watering. The Darwin Festival in August draws thousands of tourists from around the country to experience the city in its liveliest state.

5) People

People in Darwin are the coolest cucumbers around. Everybody has a super laid-back attitude, nobody stresses and people are as friendly as they come. You’ll meet people and make friends easily in Darwin!

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