Top 5 Reasons to Move to Central Coast

September 21, 2021

Awesome location, beautiful weather, affordable housing and a uniquely coastal atmosphere… could we be talking about anywhere else but the Central Coast? For many years, the Central Coast has remained a great secret amongst the locals – but the word is starting to get around. The Central Coast is the perfect place to live if you want all the perks of Sydney without being caught up in its hustle and bustle.

We’ll talk more about the Central Coast, what makes it so great and who to ask about moving there!

1) Location

The amazing location of the Central Coast is perfectly described by its name: it’s central. It’s right in between the cities of Sydney and Newcastle, making it a great spot for people wanting to start businesses and people wanting the close proximity of two major cities. Living on the ‘Cenny’ Coast, as it’s referred to by locals, means you’ve got the ideal lifestyle of your own cute city but you’ve also got the facilities of a major city if you need them.

2) Weather

The Central Coast has a far nicer climate than basically anywhere in New Zealand – especially if you’re averse to cold weather. Summer on the Cenny Coast are warm and humid; winters are really mild. The average temperature high in July is around 19 degrees Celsius and it’s not uncommon to enjoy sunny days down by the beach during winter.

3) Housing prices

It’s just an hour’s drive north of Sydney, yet house prices drop by almost 50%. It may sound absolutely bizarre, but it’s true! The median house price in Sydney is around $1,000,000. Now, take a short drive up to the Central Coast: you’ll find the median house prices are closer to $500,000. Even if you’re planning to work in the northern suburbs of Sydney, living in the Central Coast is definitely the smarter option.

4) Environment

The Central Coast has a much more natural vibe than Sydney. It’s close to hiking trails, national parks and camping grounds. It’s also known for stunning beaches which are perfect for water sports.

5) Entertainment

The Central Coast may be far smaller than Sydney, but there’s always something to do! Entertainment on the Cenny Coast includes catching soccer games, live music gigs, theatre performances and visiting some of the many cafes and restaurants.

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