Tips When Moving to Australia

February 12, 2021

Moving to a new country is a big thing, even when that country feels as if it’s right across the road. Yes, Australia is close in proximity but there are so many things to do, documents to gather and people to speak to when you decide to pack up and settle down on new soil.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips when moving to Australia.

Here are some solid reasons for moving to the Australian Outback and some tips for when you do it.

Compile your paperwork

Paperwork: not the sexiest thing about moving, is it? Regardless, it’s one of the most important tips we can give you when moving to Australia. Gather all your paperwork such as birth and marriage certificates, visas, mortgage and bank statements, licenses, passports and keep them secure in one place. Get electronic copies of these too.

Health records

You’ll need your doctor and dentist files when moving to Australia. Think about x-rays, records, important prescriptions and all that. Dentist files are particularly important if you get regular oral x-rays.

Check out the rental market

Find a house well before you move, so that you’re not in a rush and have as many options as possible. Find something that suits your budget, your work situation and your lifestyle. Don’t go for something that can’t fit all your belongings.

Moving company

Choose a moving company who know what they’re doing and who have loads of experience in moving people to Australia. You may have skimped out and got your friends to help you move in the past… sorry, chief, it ain’t gonna roll like that this time. Find a moving company who understand your needs and use their expertise to transport your belongings as smoothly as possible.

Get rid of stuff

If you don’t use it – lose it! This is one of our biggest tips when moving to Australia. It’s the perfect time to cull off the stuff you don’t need, making your trip lighter and easier for you to manage.

Learn the lingo

OK, so there might not be much to learn considering New Zealanders and Australians both speak English. But there are still a few differences in slang. As long as you know how to order a meat pie and a pint of beer, she’ll be right, cobber!

Get excited

It can be stressful with all these things to remember but the idea of moving to Australia should get you super pumped. You’re beginning a new stage of your life, with new opportunities on the horizon. Don’t forget that you’re living out your dream of moving to the Great Southern Land!

We hope these essential tips when moving to Australia help you out big time. Backtracking to what we said earlier about moving companies, we can give you the name of one right now! Ausmove. They’ve been moving Kiwis to Australia for over 25 years, making them one of the most experienced in the market. If you feel like you’ve missed something, the experts at Ausmove will be sure to help you out. Get in touch with the friendly team at Ausmove today to get a quote for your move to Australia.


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