The Best Places to Live in Australia

February 10, 2021

Australia is a beautiful country with so many great places to choose from if you’ve been thinking about moving there. Almost too many. In fact, the hardest part about moving to Australia from New Zealand is choosing where the heck you’re going to go.

Do you thrive in a coastal environment like Sydney or the Gold Coast or Perth? Are you interested in the cultural hub of Melbourne? Are you looking for a city with a homelier feel like Adelaide or Canberra?

Whatever your preference, you’ve come to the right place: in this post, we figure out the best places to live in Australia for you.

For food and wine

Food and wine are a big part of Australian life. The best places to live in Australia for food and wine include Adelaide and Melbourne. Adelaide is home to 18 distinct and world-famous wine regions such as the Clare Valley and the Barossa. Adelaideans are no strangers to great food and produce – just check out the Adelaide Central Markets if you want a glimpse of this. Melbourne, on the other hand, is renowned for its small bars, boutique wines and coffee shops. It’s no doubt that Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia.

For warm weather

For weather that’s warm all year round, the best places to live include the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Darwin, or anywhere in North Queensland. Brisbane and the Gold Coast enjoy very temperate winters and warm summers. North Queensland is a tropical place, with summer being the wet season and ‘winter’ (if you can even call it that) being dry… and warm… go figure.

For job prospects

Busy cities like Sydney and Melbourne have great career opportunities if you’re a career-driven type of person. Many Australians from cities such as Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Brisbane move to these two cities for work, as business is booming.

For families

Everywhere in Australia is family-friendly, but if you’re looking for a city that’s safe with plenty of space for the kids to run around in, and great schools too, then look at places like Canberra and Adelaide. Both cities are very much suburban, rather than Melbourne and Sydney where apartment life is quite common.

For nightlife

Melbourne is a great city for nightlife, with hundreds and hundreds of bars and many different hip suburbs like Prahran and Fitzroy. Young people flock to these places by night and eat ramen in their share houses by day.

We hope this has helped you nut out the best places for you to live in Australia. If you’ve got your heart set on one particular place, then it’s time to contact Ausmove and put your plans into action. Ausmove are New Zealand’s experts in moving Kiwis to Australia, offering affordable, reliable and smooth moving services. Get in touch with the team at Ausmove and grab a quick quote for your move today.

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