Moving to the Australian Outback

February 9, 2021

It’s the 6th biggest country by landmass, yet 70% of Australia’s population lives in a major city with 100,000 residents or more. Think about how much there is to explore and discover in outback Australia.

Thousands of country towns with their own history, own people, their own hidden gems… and their own pub, of course. If you’ve been thinking of moving to the Australian Outback, we’ll encourage you all the way.

Here are some solid reasons for moving to the Australian Outback and some tips for when you do it.

Peace and Quiet

Moving to the Aussie outback is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. There are no traffic jams, no massive skyscrapers and everybody seems to take life a little slower out there.

Quality of Life

While you may not have access to department stores or top-rated plastic surgeons in outback Australia, there are some big benefits when it comes to the quality of life. Property and rent are much cheaper, and you get a lot more bang for your buck. Most people in outback towns have big yards and bigger houses and pay way less than, for example, a small unit in an inner-city suburb of Melbourne or Sydney.


In some areas of work, there are good incentives for moving to the Australian Outback. Teachers, for example, can have up to 90% of their rent paid for depending on where in the outback they’re located. Pretty sweet, huh? Other areas of work in the outback can fetch some good coin. Mining jobs are known to have high salaries, so if you’re leaning towards a job like that, the outback could be the place for you.

It will be a character-building experience

It may seem tough at first but moving to the Aussie outback will allow you to know your strengths and weaknesses and will force you to grow as a person. It may sound a bit wishy-washy now but once you get there, you’ll understand!


Move all your stuff there

The one big tip we have to give you when moving to the Australian Outback is to move your stuff over there. Due to the lack of retail stores, and even lack of second-hand furniture, you’re limited when it comes to buying furniture and bedding. The best thing to do is to hire an expert moving company like Ausmove to ship your stuff to your rural town so that you don’t have to worry about sleeping on a haystack the first night you get there… trust us, it happens.

Moving to the Australian Outback will be a great experience. Now you have to stop dreaming and make it happen! Ausmove are New Zealand’s expert team of movers when it comes to hitting the Aussie outback. They make sure all your stuff gets to where you’re going quickly, affordably and safely. To start your Aussie outback adventure today, contact Ausmove for a quick quote.

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