Moving to Australia to Work

February 19, 2021

Work is a massive part of our lives. For most people, it takes up 8 hours of our day, 5 days a week. And while there’s more to life than work, doing something for such an amount of time is pretty important. It’s important that we enjoy it, and that we’ve got room for growth in our jobs. Moving to Australia to work is something that a lot of Kiwis are doing, so it’s only natural if you’re considering it too.

Today, we’ll talk about a few reasons why Kiwis are moving to Australia to work and who to call if you’re interested in doing it too.

Career opportunities

For many Kiwis, Australia presents better career opportunities in their field. It’s the main reason we move to Australia for work. Jobs in mining, for example, are far more common in Australia. The mining industry in Australia is booming, meaning there’s plenty of jobs with good salaries and plenty of room for growth in those jobs. Just the other day, we heard about a guy who started at an entry-level (and by ‘entry’, we mean bottom of the pecking order) mining job and couple years later was earning $200k a year. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

It’s easy

We Kiwis are super lucky when it comes to moving to Australia to work. Unlike people from any other country in the world, we don’t need a work visa to work and live in Australia. Instead, we enjoy a Special Category visa (SCV) which allows us to work in Australia for as long as we like.

Better pay

For many jobs, the pay in Australia is higher than in New Zealand. So, if you could move to a country that’s not too far from NZ, do a similar job and earn more money… why wouldn’t you? This is a big reason why Kiwis are moving to Australia to work.

There’s a balance

Australians are similar to Kiwis in the sense that they enjoy a thoroughly balanced lifestyle. Work isn’t everything for most people and socialising and relaxation is considered equally as important. From activities like Friday night drinks to team-building events, Aussies are all about work culture being fun and inclusive. If you’re worried that Australians don’t know how to have fun, you can put this concern aside.

With lots of career opportunities, better pay, a good work/life ratio and an easy trip across the ditch, moving to Australia to work is a pretty smart move for most people. Combine that with the picturesque weather and exciting atmosphere, it’s basically a dream come true. Plus, Aussies love the Kiwi accent. If you’re ready to take the next step in moving to Australia, hit up the team at Ausmove. They’re New Zealand’s experts when it comes to moving Kiwis to the Great Southern Land. They do it every day! With a fast and reliable service with competitive prices, Ausmove offers quick quotes which you can grab whenever you’re ready.


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