Moving to Australia to Live

February 19, 2021

It’s the land of Kangaroos, sandy beaches, awesome weather and great people. There’s no wonder why we Kiwis cannot get enough of Australia. In fact, 600,00 Kiwis have made the move to Australia to live, with many having decided not to return. But why is that? Is there some kind of big secret we don’t know about? If there is, it’s probably exposed right here in this post.

These are our best reasons for moving to Australia to live.

1. Life’s good

Sounds pretty simple, huh? The quality of life in Australia is one of the best. It’s safe, politically and economically stable, and Australians enjoy the same rights regardless of gender, race, sexuality, beliefs or anything else.

2. It’s close to NZ

When you move to Australia to live, you won’t have to spend heaps of money on a super long flight every time you want to visit your mates and your family. Everywhere in Australia is relatively close to New Zealand via flight and prices are usually pretty affordable.

3. Weather

Yep, this is one of New Zealanders’ main reasons to when moving to Australia to live. The weather is just so damn good. From constant warmth every day in cities like Darwin, to a well-balanced year of weather in Adelaide and Perth – there’s a perfect climate for everyone in Australia.

4. Exploring opportunities

Australia is a much bigger country than New Zealand, with much bigger cities. In places like Melbourne and Sydney, the cities themselves would take a lifetime to explore. Then, think about how much there is to see and do outside of those cities! From natural phenomena like the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru to cultural experiences in Byron Bay, there are so many things to see in Australia.

5. Language

Moving to a different country to live can be daunting when you don’t know the language. Thankfully, in Australia, they speak the same language as we do! But with funny accents. You’ll pick up Aussie lingo as you go and will be able to impress your Kiwi friends and family when you start talking like an Aussie.

6. The grub

Australians love food! A multicultural nation, there are so, so many cuisines available right across Australia. Feel like a pad Thai? Here you go! How about Ethiopian? Not a problem! A succulent Sri Lankan curry? Ab-so-lutely.

There are so many other reasons why moving to Australia to live is a good idea. But we wanted to write an article: not a thesis! If you’re ready to take the next step in moving to Australia to live, then get in touch with the friendly team at Ausmove. They’ve been moving Kiwis to Australia for over 25 years, so it’s a sure thing that they’ll be able to help you too. For a fast, affordable and reliable moving service, grab a quote from the Ausmove crew today.


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