Moving to Australia Pros and Cons

February 19, 2021

With basically any decision you make in life, there’ll be pros and cons. Even with something as simple as going to the supermarket to buy a doughnut. Pros: doughnuts are delicious, and they make you feel happy. Cons: they’re ridiculously high in calories. Buying a doughnut is a trade-off. And so is moving to Australia.

If you’re thinking of moving to Australia, you’re probably trying to come up with the pros and cons. Well, there’s no need! In this post, we do that for you.


Job prospects

Depending on your field, you may have a lot more opportunities for work in Australia. Suss out the job market on sites like Seek and have a look at what Australia has to offer in terms of work. From jobs in mining to hospitality to marketing and media, you might be pleasantly surprised!


It’s no secret that, for years now, Kiwis have been escaping to the ‘bright side of the road’ in Australia. With mild winters and long, hot summer nights, Australia is the perfect place if you like it a fair bit warmer. However, Australia’s climate is so varied that there are places to live whether you like year-long cold or year-long warm weather.


Cities like Sydney and Melbourne are enormous. They’ve got so much to see and do and present a fast-paced environment perfect for young people. With museums, art galleries, pop-up bars, restaurants and businesses that are plain out-of-the-ordinary, Australia’s cities have a strong culture about them.

Close to home

The perks of moving to Australia, rather than another English-speaking country like the UK or Canada, is that it’s so close to New Zealand. That means you don’t have to pay two grand every time you want to see your family and your mates back home.


Property is expensive

While rent can be expensive in Sydney, it is normally pretty affordable elsewhere, property in Australia is pretty much always expensive. If you’re thinking about buying a place in Australia, make sure you check out sites like and Domain to get a good feel for the market.

Some states don’t play rugby

Yep, you read that right. Rugby culture in Australia is predominant in the eastern states like Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, but not so much in South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory. So, keep that in mind if you live and breathe rugby.

In our opinion, the pros of living in Australia greatly outweigh the cons. With great weather, job prospects, culture and proximity to New Zealand, it’s pretty much the perfect place to move. To start your Aussie journey, contact the team at Ausmove. They help Kiwis like you move to Australia every day! Ausmove provides a reliable and fast service at affordable prices, so grab a quote from Ausmove today.

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