Job Prospects Across Australia

June 20, 2016

Over 60% of new jobs created in Australia in the past 12 months have been filled by women, highlighting the many positive job prospects across Australia.

The number of new jobs created increased by 2.6 per cent (302,500 new jobs) over the past year. It is more than double the annual average rate of 1.8% over the last decade.

Job prospects across Australia are growing and employment conditions for females have risen greatly in the past 12 months. Employment of women Down Under increased by 3.5% (or 187,500 new jobs) over the year to a record 5,513,600, accounting for more than 60% of total employment growth.

The rise in female employment has been driven by a big rise in the number of increase in full-time jobs which have increased by 114,000 to a record high of 2,960,700. Female part-time employment has also increased, by 73,400 or 3.0%) to 2,552,900, also an all-time record. And the number of women now actively in work has also increased, by one per cent to 59.5%. This is the equal highest rate ever recorded.

The engine-room of jobs growth is New South Wales. Around one in every three Australians is employed in N.S.W., with employment concentrated in Sydney. The city plays host to 2.5 million (60 per cent) of the state’s workforce. Employment growth is strong and is forecast to remain strong over the next five years, with the number of new jobs increasing by 9.8%. Official figures show more new jobs were created for women (rising by 172,100 or 10.9%) than males (101,800 or 5.3%) over the past five years. The three largest industries have also created a record number of new jobs. Health Care and Social Assistance (increasing by 75,700 or 18.5%), Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (66,800 or 21.9%) and Retail Trade (45,200 or 12.6%).


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