How to Move Your Pet to Australia

February 9, 2021

If you’ve long considered moving from New Zealand to Australia, you’ve probably got a couple of questions in your mind. Perhaps the biggest one is regarding your pet: how can you move your pet to Australia?

Leaving your furry loved one behind is simply out of the question, so it looks like they’ve got to become an honorary Aussie themselves. Thankfully, the process of how to move your pet to Australia has become a lot simpler in recent years and there’s not much hassle to go through anymore. Today, we’ll look at how to move your pet to Australia and who to choose to do it for you.

What are the rules?

The rules have changed in recent years, so it’s important you know them before moving pets to Australia. You no longer need an import permit if you’re moving your cat or dog from New Zealand to Australia. This saves you time and money in filling out and paying for an application fee.

Where can I find info on moving my pet to Australia?

Check out the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture website. There, you’ll find a useful information guide in which you can enter your pet’s details. It will give you a step-by-step guide, based on your pet’s details, on what you need to do to move your pet to Australia. This includes things like dates for vet visits and quarantine bookings.

When should I book and what else do I need?

It’s important to book your pet’s flight well in advance due to limited space for animals on planes. Pets have to travel in an International Air Transport Association (IATA)-approved air kennel. You can visit their website to make sure you’re getting the right one.

How do I make my pet more comfortable for the flight?

Pets can get very anxious without their owners. Think about your pet doing something as foreign as flying alone! Preparing your pet for the move to Australia involves getting them used to the kennel in which they’ll fly over. This will make them feel more comfortable and secure during the move.

Who do I choose to move my pet?

Your pet is the most important possession that you’ll transport. You don’t want to hire an amateur when it comes to moving your pet to Australia. You need a team of highly experienced professionals who know exactly how to do it, have done it countless times in the past and who are there to help you every step of the way.

Ausmove fits this description perfectly. They’re New Zealand’s specialists when it comes to moving Kiwis and their pets to Australia. They make sure your pet’s move is smooth, comfortable and pleasant and can guarantee that there won’t be any hiccups in the process. To start your Aussie adventure, alongside your furry friend, get in touch with the team at Ausmove and grab a quick quote today.

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