How Much Does Moving to Australia Cost?

February 18, 2021

Every year, a bucket load of Kiwis move to Australia. With over 600,000 of us having decided to move in with our cousins from across the ditch, it’s definitely not uncommon! But will it break the bank?

This is something that gets asked all the time. How much does moving to Australia actually cost? While we Kiwis have it a lot cheaper than most when it comes to moving to Australia, it’s still something that needs to be addressed. Here are some things you should consider when working out how much it will cost for you to move to Australia.

How much stuff have you got?

One of the main costs of setting up camp in Australia is in the amount of stuff you have to move. If you’re a single pringle (and ready to mingle), you presumably won’t have a massive amount of stuff and will be looking to move into a smaller place, possibly a share-house. This will cost less than if you have a family and possess way more stuff. Thankfully, this one’s pretty easy to work out. Just contact the team at Ausmove to grab a quick quote for moving your belongings to Australia.

Need to store your excess stuff?

You may need to store your belongings while you figure out what to do with them. This will add to the cost of moving to Australia. A good moving company should be able to store your stuff for you, so if you think you may need storage, go with a moving team who offers it.

Where are you moving to?

The location of your new Aussie home is another factor that influences how much it will cost to move to Australia. With flights, shipping rates and everything else where distance equates to money, the closer you are to New Zealand, the cheaper it will be. In other words, it will probably work out cheaper if you’re moving to Sydney or Melbourne rather than Perth or Broome.

How quickly do you need it?

When it comes to moving internationally, urgency equals money. It will cost you a lot more to fly your stuff over within a couple of days than it will to transport it via shipping container over a few weeks. So, if you don’t need your belongings urgently, you can save a fair bit of money by letting them take their time across the Tasman.

We Kiwis are lucky when it comes to moving to Australia. Not only is it easier for us than any other nation in the world, but it’s also cheaper! If you need a quick quote on how much it will cost to move to Australia, get in touch with Ausmove. They’re New Zealand’s specialists in transporting you and your stuff to Australia. With affordable prices and a reliable service, Ausmove can start your new Aussie life with one simple phone call.


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