For most people owning their own home is a goal they hope to achieve. But with the average price of housing in New Zealand skyrocketing over the past 5 years is now the best time to look to our close neighbors – Australia, for a better deal? You can earn more and enjoy better work-life balance in Australia but how does housing affordability rank in a decision to make the move. In this article we take a look to see if it is more affordable to buy a house in Australia.

1. Affordability – New Zealand Vs Australia

The affordability of housing in Australia and New Zealand can vary depending on factors such as location, market conditions, and property types. Both countries have experienced fluctuations in housing prices, and certain cities or regions may be more affordable than others. There are several factors contribute to housing affordability;

Supply and Demand: High demand for housing in popular cities, coupled with limited supply, can drive up prices and affect affordability.

Interest Rates: The prevailing interest rates impact the cost of borrowing for mortgages, influencing the overall affordability of housing.

Economic Conditions: Economic factors, such as employment rates and income levels, play a role in individuals’ ability to afford housing.

Government Policies: Government policies and initiatives related to housing, such as first-home buyer grants and housing affordability schemes, can influence the market.

Location: Housing affordability can vary significantly between urban and regional areas. Major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane tend to have higher property prices compared to some regional areas.

The current average house price in New Zealand is $924,489 vs $925,400 in Australia.

2. The Major Cities, How Do they Stack Up

In Australia, major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane have often been associated with higher housing prices, while regional areas may offer more affordable options. The trade off being that living in one of these cities may bring better lifestyle and pay opportunities. Sydney leads the way with an average house price of $1,122,430 while Perth is the cheapest place to buy out of these four main centers.

Average House Prices – New Zealand Vs Australia

Sydney: $1,122,430
Perth: $646,520
Brisbane: $779,270
Melbourne: $777,250

Auckland: $975,000
Wellington: 760,000
Christchurch $678,000

This comparison is close but once you factor in interest rates, moving to Australia starts to look even more attractive.

3. Interest rates

Interest rates of between 6% and 7% are now the most common in New Zealand, which is about 2-3% higher than home loan rates in Australia.

In New Zealand, the official cash rate is 5.5%. While in Australia the benchmark interest rate is 1% lower, at 4.35%. This difference is reflected in the higher mortgage rates on offer from banks at home in New Zealand. Lower interest rates means your principal and interest payments are significantly reduced. This makes Australia an even more attractive place to buy your new home.

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In the pursuit of better job opportunities and often better pay, more and more Kiwi’s are making the move to Australia. But before you drop everything, it’s important to understand each country’s job market and the other potential benefits of moving to Australia. In this article we explore employment opportunities with a move to Australia vs staying put in New Zealand.

1. Key Industries:

Australia and New Zealand, both have diverse economies and thriving industries. Australia, with its robust mining and resources sector, offers substantial opportunities in engineering and natural resource management. On the other hand, New Zealand boasts a strong agricultural base and is emerging as a hub for technology and innovation. The choice to move to Australia may hinge on your profession or industry of interest and the corresponding growth prospects.

3. Work-Life Balance:

Work-life balance remains a significant factor influencing Kiwi’s to hop across the ditch. Australia, with its cosmopolitan cities and diverse cultural offerings, tends to have a faster-paced lifestyle. This combination makes Australia an environment where individuals can enjoy a healthier balance between their professional and personal lives. The final choice to leave New Zealand and move to Australia may extend beyond professional considerations, touching upon individual preferences for lifestyle and leisure.

4. Better Pay:

As a general trend, employees in Australia tend to earn higher average wages compared to the same job in New Zealand. This difference is influenced by factors such as the larger and more diversified Australian economy, industry-specific demand for skilled professionals, the cost of living, and government policies. However, individual wage levels can vary based on factors such as region, industry, and specific job roles. On top of better pay in Australia the government facilitates a favorable work-life balance through various policies and initiatives.

In summary skilled migration policies, a robust education system, and government initiatives have created a job market that is more dynamic than in New Zealand, making a move to Australia the right choice for many.

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More and more Kiwis move to Australia every year for various reasons, including better economic opportunities, access to world-class education and training, an enhanced quality of life, the proximity to international markets, and family connections.

Australia’s robust economy, diverse job market, and appealing lifestyle factors contribute to the ongoing trend of Kiwi’s moving to Australia. Amidst this migration, Ausmove stands out as Auckland’s only dedicated specialist mover to Australia, facilitating a seamless transition for those embarking on this journey.

In this article we look at the top 5 reasons New Zealanders are moving to Australia.

1. Economic Opportunities:

Australia’s larger and more diverse economy attracts Kiwis in search of better job opportunities, higher salaries, and career advancement. The robust job market across various industries is a significant draw for those seeking financial stability and growth, making a move to Australia very attractive.

2. Education and Training:

Australia is home to some of the best universities and educational institutions in the world. Many New Zealanders move to Australia for educational purposes, seeking access to a wide range of courses and degrees that can enhance their skills and career prospects.

3. Quality of Life:

Australia’s high standard of living, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cities are appealing to Kiwis looking for a change in lifestyle. The outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and recreational opportunities contribute to an enhanced quality of life meaning more and more New Zealanders are choosing to move to Australia.

4. Closer to the World:

Australia’s strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region makes it a hub for international business and travel. Kiwis with global aspirations are making the move to Australia to be closer proximity to major markets, facilitating easier access to international opportunities.

5. Family Ties and Connections:

Family reunification is a significant factor driving migration. Many Kiwis have family members already living in Australia, and the desire to be closer to loved ones motivates individuals and families to make the move to Australia.

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Thinking of moving to Australia? With beautiful beaches, great weather, vibrant cities, fantastic job opportunities, and friendly locals all at your doorstep it’s no wonder over 600,000 kiwis now call Australia home.

Ranked as one of the most liveable countries in the world there is something for everyone. Whether you’re wanting to further your studies or career, start a family, or retire Australia is waiting for you.

If you’re planning a move across the ditch, here are our top 5 places to live in Australia!

1. Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, aka Australia’s playground is one of the best places to live in Aussie. With world-famous beaches, breath-taking ranges, international shopping centres, fantastic restaurants, and a booming nightlife all at your fingertips – you will never be bored!

Better yet, the Gold Coast has over 300 days of sunshine per year with temperatures barely dropping below 21 degrees.

The Gold Coast also has plenty of job opportunities. There is huge demand for workers in hospitality and tourism due to the large number of tourists who visit the Gold Coast every year as well as jobs in education, business, construction, and other trades too.

With good job opportunities and affordable living costs it’s no wonder the Gold Coast is a popular choice.

2. Brisbane

Only an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast is Brisbane another popular destination for Kiwi expats.

The capital city of Queensland is home to 2.28 million people making it Australia’s third-largest city behind Sydney and Melbourne. With a vibrant economy, beautiful beaches, and great coffee living in Brisbane you get the big city experience without the fuss.

What’s more, Brisbane provides plenty of study and career opportunities. With the University of Queensland and Griffith University campuses situated in the heart of Brisbane you are spoilt for choice.

Popular suburbs with families include Kelvin Grove and Victoria Point while South Brisbane and West End are common choices for university students and young professionals.

3. Melbourne

Melbourne – the cultural capital of Australia often referred to as Wellington’s cooler sister is a city full of life. It’s home to a vibrant art scene, fantastic shopping, and award-winning cafes and restaurants.

With a population of 5.1 million, Melbourne is an incredibly diverse place with over 140 cultures, making Melbourne an inclusive and welcoming city with extremely friendly locals.

Due to its diverse culture and vibrant art scene, there are plenty of job opportunities for creative types like musicians, artist, and writers. What’s more, there are also an abundance of job opportunities in technology, education, agriculture, hospitality, and trades.

Part of the beauty of Melbourne is that it’s suitable for everyone, regardless of age and circumstance. Young people are attracted to inner northern and southern suburbs, families thrive in leafy, green suburbs like Greensborough and Dandenong, and retirees are attracted to the laid-back atmosphere and scenic beauty of the Mornington Peninsula.

4. Perth

Want the best of both worlds? Then look no further than Perth with perfect weather, beautiful beaches, plenty of job opportunities, a strong community feel, and a laid-back lifestyle you get the best of city and seaside living in Perth.

Perth is one of the most geographically isolated cities in the world, but it doesn’t feel like it when you’re there. Home to over 2 million people it is one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities and is connected to the rest of the world through its international airport.

If you’re thinking of hanging your hat in Perth, Dalkeith and Mullaloo and Melville are great choices for families, while Northbridge is popular with millennials and Murdoch with retirees.

5. Sydney

If you love a fast-paced city with lots to see and do, then Sydney is the place to be. As Australia’s largest city home to over 5 million people there is never a dull moment.

What’s more, it’s home to the famous Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Bondi and Manly beach, providing picture-perfect backdrops wherever you turn.

Sydney has a range of neighbourhoods to suit all lifestyles. Whether you want to be in the hustle and bustle of the city or prefer to wake up to views of the northern beaches there is a suburb for everyone.

If you’re ready to move to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, or any other city in Australia get in touch with Ausmove for a free no-obligation quote and start your Australian adventure today.