Aussies Sledge NZ Over Survey

December 3, 2014

The Aussies are revolting over Auckland’s high placing in an international quality of life survey.

The city was named as the fifth best city to live in, trumping Sydney (10th), Melbourne (17th), Perth (21st), Adelaide (29th) and Brisbane (34th). Wellington also topped four Australian cities placing 12th.

But Municipal Association of Victoria president Dick Gross says he can’t believe Auckland and Wellington topped Melbourne.

“I’m more than surprised, I’m verging on depressed, and I’m deeply appalled.”

Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry spokesman Chris James said: “We are somewhat puzzled at this, particularly when one considers that people are leaving New Zealand and Sydney in droves and contributing to record population growth in Melbourne.”

Angry Aussies vented their frustrations online yesterday.

“I guess now that NZ is so damn awesome all the Kiwis will bugger off home now … they should have done this research sooner,” a blogger told

Many joked that New Zealand was the seventh state of Australia.

Smithy of Adelaide said: “Kiwis are just wannabe Aussies with bad accents.”

Others said Auckland had appalling public transport, bad weather, high crime rates, ugly architecture and our food, fuel and real estate was too expensive. One called Wellington a “windy hell-hole”.

However New Zealanders on the website bit back at the abuse.

“Look how many [Kiwis] are in your top jobs, you even had to get one to coach one of your national sport teams … ”

The study by global consulting firm Mercer checked each city against a list of criteria including personal safety, schools and education, and climate. Factors such as political stability and personal freedom were also taken into account.

By Alanah May Eriksen

From: NZ Herald, 12 June 2008

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