Australia is one of the best countries in the world. It’s a fact! Australia consistently ranks as one of the most liveable places on the planet. So, other than that, why are so many Kiwis moving there?

There’s got to be something more than just the weather. In this post, we outline 10 great reasons to move to Australia and who to call when you’re about to take the leap and do it! .

1. Career moves

Depending on your industry, Australia may have better career options for you. Whether you want to be doing FIFO work in a desert mine, or be the next lifeguard on Bondi Rescue – Australia’s job opportunities are far and wide.

2. Weather

Australia is so big that you can choose a destination with whatever kind of whether you want. From year-round cold in the Snowy Mountains to warmth every day in places like Cairns and Darwin.

3. Life’s good

The quality of life in Australia is one of the best. It’s safe, politically and economically stable, and Australians enjoy the same rights regardless of gender, race, sexuality, beliefs or anything else.

4. So much to see

Australia is the ideal place for a working holiday. It would literally take centuries to see the whole country, so you won’t run out of things to do!

5. Foodie haven

Foodies love Australia. Why? Because Australians love food! A multicultural nation, there are so, so many cuisines available right across Australia. And don’t forget world-famous breakfast cafes and some of the best coffee going.

6. Language isn’t an issue

Moving to a different country can be daunting when you don’t know the language. It’d be pretty tough to not know how to order a chicken schnitty and a beer. But in Australia, ‘chicken schnitty’ and ‘beer’ are pretty much everybody’s first words. You won’t have any issues understanding Aussies, though sometimes they’ll play on the fact that the can’t understand you!

7. Choose your view

In terms of views, you don’t get more spoilt for choice than you do in Australia. From white sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains, to stunning desert plains. Wherever you are in Australia, you’ve got something pretty to look at.

7. It’s close to home

You won’t have to worry about spending a bazillion dollars on a 38-hour flight every time you want to visit your mates and your family. Everywhere in Australia is relatively close to New Zealand via flight and won’t cost you an arm or a leg to get there.

8. The people

Australians have a reputation for friendliness and a love of life. They’re always down for a hang with their cousins from across the ditch too.

9. Just do it!

You’ll see when you get there that moving to Australia was one of the best decisions you could have made. It’s something that, if you don’t do, you’ll regret deeply.

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Even though it’s basically across the road, moving to Australia is still a big deal. You’re starting a new life, doing a new job with new people in a new place. It might even be the biggest thing you’ve done in your life so far!

So, how do we prepare for that? We make a to-do list. An extensive to-do list. That’s what we’ve prepared for you today: this is our criteria to tick off when moving to Australia.

Forget about work visas

As Kiwis, we enjoy the great privilege of not needing a work visa when we move to Australia. This saves a heap of money and loads of time waiting around for your visa to be accepted. Instead, we have a Special Category visa (SCV) which allows us to stay and work in Australia for as long as we like.

Research the job market

You can’t move somewhere without having something to do that pays the bills. Sure, it’d be nice to move to the Gold Coast without a job and just hang at Surfer’s Paradise all day. Unfortunately, that ain’t gonna cut it in the real world, sweetie. Looking at job opportunities in your industry is a must. That way you can decide which place suits you best and will allow you to live comfortably in Australia.

Find a place to live

So, you’ve nailed which city or town seems to have the best job prospects for you. Congrats! Now it’s time to find a roof over your head. Accommodation options in Australia are far and wide. From compact units, perfect for you and your cat, to suburban houses which will fit the whole family. Depending on which area of which city you’re looking at moving into, rent tends to be quite affordable in comparison to salary.

Open a bank account

Now you need somewhere to put all your money. Australians don’t store it under the mattress or bury it in their backyard. Instead, they store it in magical things called ‘bank accounts’. Look into a few different banks and see which one appeals to you the most.

Move your stuff

Finding someone to move your stuff from New Zealand to Australia can be a daunting task. It’s a long way across the Tasman and you’ve probably got a fair few precious things to move. Who do you trust to move all your stuff safely, reliably and quickly? Well… that brings us to our next point.

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If you’re put off by the general hype, huge populations and housing prices of Sydney and Melbourne, let’s introduce you to Australia’s third largest city: Brisbane. It’s a place that enjoys picturesque weather, fantastic beaches and liveliness without being too hectic. Brisbane’s population is less than half of Sydney or Melbourne’s, sitting at a comfortable 2.3 million.

So, if you’re already a little curious, let’s delve deeper. Here are five top reasons to move to Brisbane.

1) Weather

Queensland is known as Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’, and Brisbane is its capital. On average, Brisbane gets 250 days of perfect sunshine per year. This means your jumpers and jackets will basically be sitting in your wardrobe, collecting dust. The coldest month is July which has an average temperature high of 21 degrees Celsius… can you even call that ‘winter’? Brisbane is the place for you if you want more Vitamin D in your life.

2) Close-by to world famous beaches

Brisbane is surrounded by world famous beaches. About an hour south by car, you’ve got the Gold Coast, known for its most popular beach, Surfers Paradise, and the best theme parks in Australia, including Wet ‘N’ Wild World. The Gold Coast is the place where action and excitement is a part of everyday life. Then, if you drive a little over an hour north, you’ve got the Sunshine Coast. This is the home of famous beaches Noosa and Mooloolaba, and it’s known for its super chilled atmosphere.

3) Affordable housing

Renting and buying property in Brisbane is bound to save you tons of cash, compared to living in Sydney or Melbourne. Brisbane’s housing market doesn’t have the same jaw-dropping, wallet-emptying prices, making it a lot easier to find something you love, somewhere you love in Brisbane. This makes it an ideal city for families and students alike.

4) Job market

Brisbane has a great job market with strong sectors in education, agriculture, mining, tourism and hospitality. Blue collar work like construction and trades is another area where finding a job is easy; as one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities, there’s plenty of work to be done!

5) Liveliness

Brisbane is home to some of the best nightlife, and day-life, in Australia. Vibrant, hip areas like Fortitude Valley and West End are known for their stunning range of cuisines, cute cafes, trendy bars and awesome nightlife. The city as a whole is pumping, and a testament to this is its hosting of the Olympic Games in 2032.

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Love arts and culture? Looking for more job opportunities? Avid foodie and lover of different cuisines? Melbourne ticks all the boxes. As Australia’s second biggest city, Melbourne is recognised as one of the best places to live in the world. Ideal for singles, couples, families and retirees, Melbourne welcomes everybody with open arms.

In this post, we’re going to outline our five top reasons to move to Melbourne, and who to call if you’re keen on doing so.

1) Liveability

Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world. It is always in the top 10 of the Economist’s list of most liveable cities; it’s usually in the top 5; and it took out the number 1 spot, seven years in a row until 2017. It’s hard to find fault with a place like Melbourne, given that it’s literally one of the greatest cities on Earth!

2) Arts and culture

Melbourne is one of the cultural capitals of Australia. Art and culture is prevalent everywhere: from the highest institutions to the atmosphere of the streets. Melbourne Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building are two of the most-frequented cultural establishments in the city – just the sheer size of these buildings is an indicator of how important art and culture is in Melbourne. Hip, creative suburbs like Fitzroy and Northcote are decorated with street art in all forms, giving these parts of the city a distinctly Berlin-esque vibe.

3) Food

Melbourne is a melting pot of all sorts of people, from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. With this comes the amazing blend of cuisines which are right on your doorstep. If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, Melbourne is basically your heaven. Coffee snobs won’t be able to stick their nose up in the air in Melbourne – this city is home to some of the best coffee in Australia, if not the world.

4) Job market

Employment opportunities are aplenty in hustling, bustling Melbourne. Blue collar work, like construction and trades, is well-paid and easy to find. Creative types like artists, writers and musicians are also drawn to Melbourne. Other fields of work include technology, education, agriculture and hospitality.

5) Everyone’s welcome

Part of the beauty of Melbourne is that it’s suitable for everyone, regardless of age and circumstance. Young people are attracted to inner northern and southern suburbs, families thrive in leafy, green suburbs like Greensborough and Dandenong and retirees are attracted to the laid-back atmosphere and scenic beauty of the Mornington Peninsula.

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Feel like a taste of Australia’s biggest city? Moving to Sydney is the dream for many Kiwis, who want a world of job opportunities, amazing weather and internationally famous beaches all at their doorstep. If you’re intent on calling Sydney home, you probably don’t need much convincing… but, nevertheless, here are our top 5 reasons to hang your hat in Sydney!

1) Lifestyle

If you love a fast-paced city with lots to see and do, then Sydney is right up your alley. The city has a population of over 5 million, meaning there’s always something exciting happening, every day of the year. Sydneysiders enjoy a lifestyle which is busy and jam-packed full of activities.

2) Beaches

There aren’t many beaches in the world that are more famous than the ones in Sydney: Bondi Beach has had a globally-watched TV show made about it, for crying out loud! The beaches in Sydney are well-known for simply being the bomb. Clovelly, Coogee, Manly and Tamarama are just a few of the other fantastic beaches which are right in the heart of suburban Sydney life.

3) Weather

And what do you need to enjoy some of the world’s best beaches? Some of the world’s best weather! Sydney’s weather is perfect if you love warm, slightly humid summers and ultra mild winters. The average winter temperature high in July (the coldest month) is 17 degrees Celsius. Not too bad, huh? Summers are spent down at the beach, or exploring some of the other amazing beachside towns and villages which spread up and down the coast. The South Coast is a favourite holiday spot among locals, as are the northern NSW towns of Port Macquarie and Byron Bay.

4) Job opportunities

Unless you’ve won the lottery, you’ll need a job in Sydney in order to live there. Rest assured: Sydney has a strong job market. Unemployment is low in Sydney, with the rates sticking around the 3.75% area. There are always jobs to be found in Sydney – whether you’re an IT expert, a construction heavyweight or an upcoming artist.

5) Great public transport

You might hear of Sydney’s size, and think, “Well, public transport must be a nightmare!” Truth is, it has one of the best public transport systems in the country. Trains, buses and ferries are all part of the highly efficient transport system. Can you see yourself ferrying across the water to get to work every day? How frickin’ cool is that!

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They call it the ‘City of Churches’, but the truth is, there’s way more to South Australia’s vibrant capital city of Adelaide than that. It’s a place that’s known for gorgeous scenery, world-famous wine regions, pristine beaches and a relaxed, easy-going vibe.

Adelaide is one of the greatest cities in the world, and here are our top 5 reasons to prove it.

1) Liveability

Adelaide consistently ranks among the most liveable cities in the world. In 2020, it ranked as the most liveable city in Australia and third most liveable in the world. But other than the clean air, great atmosphere and stunning scenery, what makes Adelaide such a great place to live? Let’s get a little more into it.

2) Food and wine

Adelaide is the food and wine capital of Australia. With a diverse range of cuisines, from hearty South African, to mouth-watering Afghan and Ethiopian, to traditional Eastern European food, Adelaide will give you a first-rate education on the flavours of the world. Wine is something all Adelaideans know about: the city is within an hour’s driving distance from the Barossa, McLaren Vale, the Coonawarra, Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek – all of which are globally acclaimed wine regions.

3) Traffic and easy lifestyle

Living in Adelaide is so easy. ‘Peak hour traffic’ in Adelaide means it takes an extra five minutes to get where you’re going. Adelaide is locally referred to as the ‘20-minute city’, based on one’s ability to get from the west to east, or the north to the south, within roughly 20 minutes. Don’t believe us? See what Google Maps says!

4) Beaches

OK, so you’ve probably heard of ‘Bondi’ and ‘Noosa’ – but Australia’s best beaches are secretly located in Adelaide. Pristine golden sands, calm waters and plenty of space between umbrellas is the description that can be used for all of Adelaide’s beaches, even on the hottest of summer weekends. Glenelg, Henley and Semaphore are some of our favourites in the metro area, with other amazing beaches like Port Willunga and Normanville being a little further out.

5) Housing market

Adelaide has one of the most affordable housing markets in Australia. The median rent price is just over $400, making it the cheapest in the country. House prices are also some of the lowest. So, if you want a nicer house in a nicer, more convenient area, be sure to put Adelaide at the top of your list of cities to check out in Australia.

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You’ve been planning this move for a while. The Lucky Country was going to welcome you with open arms in 2020, but now with COVID-19, you’re not sure. Should you still go?

When this article was written, the situation world wide is uncertain. There’s unknown rates of infection, unknown outcomes, and unknown resolutions. Despite this, if you want to move, it’s still worth doing.

Australian economy

The economy has long been the main reason that Kiwis have considered moving over the ditch. The promise of a well-paying job in the mines, driving trucks, or working in the city has always been a lure for Kiwis. It’s a way to get ahead; get a deposit together for your home, and give your kids a great life.

While Australia is taking a financial hit, so is the rest of the world. The difference is that Australia has the stability and strong market to recover quickly. Once normal life resumes, it’s the same busy economy, liveable salaries, and opportunities for growth.


Another attraction of Aussie is that sun-kissed lifestyle. The white, pristine beaches, warm water, waves perfect for surfing and a temperature making even winter a pleasure. The amazing restaurants, the theme parks, the shopping, the Glass Mountains, the hiking… All of these things are still in Australia, just on hold. If we know anything from disasters, it’s that people want their lives to be ‘normal’ again as soon as possible. The minute the danger has passed, the restaurants will reopen and people will start, slowly, recovering their lives.

By the time you get to Australia, the sense of normal will have returned, and all the great things about the lifestyle will be back.

Health and wellbeing

While at this point it looks like Australia will face many challenges in the next few months, everywhere else in the world is facing the same challenges—even New Zealand. The future is unknown, but this is the same across the world. How this virus behaves is the same across borders and countries.

The Australian healthcare system is also one of the best in the world, with readily accessible care for all her inhabitants. A reciprocal agreement with Australia means that even with your special visa, once you’ve registered for Medicare, you receive the same standard of healthcare as everyone else. Once normality has returned, their healthcare system is effective and world-class.

Flights and entry in Australia

The current situation about how you’ll actually reach Australia is the challenging part of the equation. Currently, Qantas, Emirates and many other carriers have stopped all international flights. Australia has also closed her borders for all non-citizens.

It is expected that flights will resume when safe to do so, and the ban on non-citizens will lift eventually. When that happens, be ready to pack your bags, and start your move.

Impact on your finances

If you have already made the decision to move to Australia, then you will have already spent money on the process. Finding a home, booked flight tickets, booking a moving company. Rather than waste that money—and the time you’ve already invested—simply postpone the trip. Many providers will allow this to happen at this point, especially with the situation developing and changing daily.

If not now, then when?

This largely depends on your scenario and situation. Everyone is different.

If you already have secured employment in Australia, contact the company. Ask them what they are doing—if it’s an essential service, they may request you come as soon as possible. If they are working from home, they may request that you join them on your intended start date anyway and have you log in for NZ. Some businesses, especially in hospitality, may be suffering and could possibly request you hold off arriving until they can safely re-open. Covid-19 is causing the situation to change daily, so stay in touch with your new employer.

If you already have rented a home, contact the landlord. They will likely be happy to hold it for you until you arrive, and possibly even delay rent payments starting. Many countries have suspended mortgage payments, and this could allow a lot more flexibility.

If you’re shipping your possessions overseas, or they are en route, this could potentially be delayed as many ‘non-essential’ shipments are being held back. Speak to your shipping company.

Schooling in Australia is also a flexible situation from state to state. If your son or daughter is enrolled at a school, contact them and find out their situation. With school holidays around now anyway, some are opting for a casual wait and see approach.

Don’t cancel your move to Australia

The situation world-wide is the same, and nowhere is certain. What is certain is that if you were considering or planning a move to Australia, it’s still possible. When flights start, restrictions are lifted and the world discovers the new normal, there will be opportunities for those willing and ready to seize them. Carpe diem.

Love waking up to crisp, fresh air? Want to be in close proximity to Australia’s best ski fields? Want to get anywhere within 20 minutes? Canberra is Australia’s capital city and it can offer all of those things and more. A green, leafy city with a peaceful vibe and plenty to see and do, Canberra is ideal for lots of different types of people: from young professionals to young families, retirees and more.

Here are our top five reasons for moving to Canberra and who to call if you’re keen to do it!

1) Location

Canberra is conveniently located. In fact, some say that Canberra was chosen as the capital of Australia because of its perfect location, between Sydney and Melbourne. Aside from being in close proximity to these cities, Canberra is also close to some of Australia’s best beach areas. It’s just a two-hour drive to the South Coast region of New South Wales, full of much-loved beach villages like Merimbula, Batemans Bay and Bermagui. It’s also a two-hour drive to Australia’s snow country!

2) Let it snow

Speaking of which, if you love your snow sports, Canberra is the place to be for you. The Australian Alps are situated right behind the city, making it an easy drive to some of the best snow resorts in Australia. Jindabyne and the Perisher Valley are where Canberrans flock during the winter to hone their skiing and snowboarding skills.

3) Culture

As the capital city of Australia, you’d think there’d be a few things you can see and do in Canberra that you couldn’t do anywhere else – and you’d be correct. The National Gallery of Australia is one of the biggest art galleries in the country, home to over 166,000 piece of art for you to feast your eyes on. The National Museum and National Library are also at your doorstep.

4) Lifestyle

Canberra is an entirely planned city, with a lower population than most other Aussie cities. At just over 400,000 people, Canberra has a laid-back feel with its cruisy traffic and spacious layout. Traffic jams are barely a thing in Canberra, so if road rage is something you’re prone to, you can leave that behind in New Zealand!

5) Nature

Living in Canberra means living close to nature. Beautiful lakes, rivers, forests, mountains and parks are what makes Canberra so naturally pretty. If you’re a fan of camping or four-wheel-driving, Canberra is basically one big playground.

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Awesome location, beautiful weather, affordable housing and a uniquely coastal atmosphere… could we be talking about anywhere else but the Central Coast? For many years, the Central Coast has remained a great secret amongst the locals – but the word is starting to get around. The Central Coast is the perfect place to live if you want all the perks of Sydney without being caught up in its hustle and bustle.

We’ll talk more about the Central Coast, what makes it so great and who to ask about moving there!

1) Location

The amazing location of the Central Coast is perfectly described by its name: it’s central. It’s right in between the cities of Sydney and Newcastle, making it a great spot for people wanting to start businesses and people wanting the close proximity of two major cities. Living on the ‘Cenny’ Coast, as it’s referred to by locals, means you’ve got the ideal lifestyle of your own cute city but you’ve also got the facilities of a major city if you need them.

2) Weather

The Central Coast has a far nicer climate than basically anywhere in New Zealand – especially if you’re averse to cold weather. Summer on the Cenny Coast are warm and humid; winters are really mild. The average temperature high in July is around 19 degrees Celsius and it’s not uncommon to enjoy sunny days down by the beach during winter.

3) Housing prices

It’s just an hour’s drive north of Sydney, yet house prices drop by almost 50%. It may sound absolutely bizarre, but it’s true! The median house price in Sydney is around $1,000,000. Now, take a short drive up to the Central Coast: you’ll find the median house prices are closer to $500,000. Even if you’re planning to work in the northern suburbs of Sydney, living in the Central Coast is definitely the smarter option.

4) Environment

The Central Coast has a much more natural vibe than Sydney. It’s close to hiking trails, national parks and camping grounds. It’s also known for stunning beaches which are perfect for water sports.

5) Entertainment

The Central Coast may be far smaller than Sydney, but there’s always something to do! Entertainment on the Cenny Coast includes catching soccer games, live music gigs, theatre performances and visiting some of the many cafes and restaurants.

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If you’re keen on experiencing an Aussie city that feels like it’s a world away from the rest of Australia, then Darwin could be the place you’re looking for. Hot weather and amazing sunsets all year round, secret waterholes in gorgeous national parks, tropical fruit wherever you turn… Darwin sounds like it’s pretty much a paradise, right? Now, throw in the high paying jobs and friendly people to sweeten the deal!

Here are our top five reasons to move to Darwin, which we had trouble narrowing down.

1) Weather

Some like it hot, and if that describes you, then Darwin is where you need to be. With a humid, tropical climate, Darwin enjoys hot weather all year round. Summers tend to be stormy and wet while ‘winters’, if that’s what you want to call them, are dry and warm. There’s nothing better than enjoying a 30 degree evening on the beach, cold beverage in hand, enjoying a famous Darwin sunset in the middle of July, while the rest of Australia freezes their behinds off.

2) Scenery

If you’re an outdoorsy type, Darwin is totally up your alley. Within a short drive to some of Australia’s most famous national parks like Kakadu and Litchfield, Darwin offers nature on a whole new level. Camping, hiking, four-wheel-driving, mountain biking and loads of other outdoor activities are right at your doorstep when you live in Darwin.

3) Jobs

People who move to Darwin can enjoy a generally high wage, compared with the rest of Australia. You’ll find that many sectors including education, beauty and cosmetics, dental, trades, social work and others, pay considerably higher than the rest of Australia. To give you a rough idea, the average salary in the Northern Territory is around $75,000 per year… you drooling yet?

4) Liveliness

For a city with a population of 132,000, Darwin feels a lot bigger than that. It has a beating heart, with lots to see and do. The Mindil Beach Night Markets start in April and end in October, offering fresh fruit, vegetables, street food and a ton of other goods that will get your mouth watering. The Darwin Festival in August draws thousands of tourists from around the country to experience the city in its liveliest state.

5) People

People in Darwin are the coolest cucumbers around. Everybody has a super laid-back attitude, nobody stresses and people are as friendly as they come. You’ll meet people and make friends easily in Darwin!

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